Disney World is getting Chicken McNuggets

I just came. Even though I’m only 4 days or so away from our magical Egyptian adventure, I’m already starting to plan our return trip to Disney World. Which means I have to make the peremptory seven hundred stops at http://www.allears.net for all their valuable info. One tidbit being that The Frontierland Fry Cart will be closed September 22, 2008 to January 11, 2009; and when it re opens, they’ll have fries, sodas, wraps, AND MCNUGGETS. Booyah. Get excited.

We’re looking to go sometime in September, starting the week after labor day. Anyone else want to go? (the offer to attend Disney World with us, is really only open to friends/family that know at least two embarassing stories about me firsthand) halfninja fans are welcome to attend Disney World at the same time as us, however we will not be swapping room numbers 😉


~ by chrismcdevitt on December 22, 2008.

One Response to “Disney World is getting Chicken McNuggets”

  1. I would just love to go. Can I get the room next to you and listen to the bed squeek? Since I only have one em-bare assing
    story about you, that being you being disciplined for not being a person, but an in-law…. can the room next door count as story number two? I will bang on the wall and tell you guys to knock it off! But if I do that what happens to my talk with you just before the wedding when I tell you to be you know…. (“gentle”)?

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