Gov. Paterson Says SNL Crossed A Line…

What line? Which line? Where is this line? Could you point to the line? Oh, that’s right, you’re blind. You can’t see the line. Gov. Paterson made the comment that he could take a joke, but that the skit misrepresented blind people as buffoons who are incapable of doing anything.

Hmmm. I didn’t see any other blind people in that skit. Just Paterson. Since when is it that if you make fun of one blind person you ridicule them all? Paterson is African-American. Was this skit also aimed at defaming the millions of African-Americans in this country? NO.

The skit was simply making fun of the governor of the state that SNL calls home. The skit was aimed at you David Paterson, you coke-snorting, adulterating, legally blind (That’s the Uncle Tom/House Negro type of blind by the way) interim Governor of New York State.

Grow up.


~ by chrismcdevitt on December 15, 2008.

One Response to “Gov. Paterson Says SNL Crossed A Line…”

  1. I share your anger. If the Governor of N.Y. didn’t like being made fun of because of being blind he had the choice in our now socialistic bail out country of freedom to not watch…I mean how did he watch?… Did his seeing eye dog watch?… Or worse was it a seeing eye human? I trust dogs more. The skit was funny, being blind to humor isn’t.

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