Wedding Planning is going to drive me nuts

We looked at two catering halls this past weekend, we’re looking at another one tonight, and another one tomorrow.  On top of that, my prospective M-I-L is driving me nuts; she was rude to the first banquet coordinator, and then rude to me during the second tour/interview.  Now it seems she overestimated her participation in the wedding budget and is cutting her funding of it by 50%.

I’m getting shit left and right over not wanting to get married in a ‘catering hall’.  I can’t believe someone could still be predjudiced against Catholics in 2008.  I argued that I was uncomfortable sealing the bonds of holy matrimony in a place where Lil Billy had thrown up because he ate too many Jumbo shrimp the night before and was countered by the sentiment, “Oh so let’s just do it in a church where there was a dead body at a funeral that morning.”

Are you fucking kidding me?

We found a nice chapel in New Brunswick that will save us about $100 on the ceremony if we can get it.  But now we’re looking for the ‘best deal’.  Weddings are expensive as hell.  Saturdays being the most expensive.  You can pay through the nose, or you can book a Friday or a Sunday.  Fridays are bullshit in NJ because of getting up for work at the regular time and then the guests having to get ready, go to the ceremony and then sit through rush hour traffic, since they won’t start the reception until 6pm.  We’re probably going to have to go with Sunday, which means those enjoying the 5 hour open bar, should be planning on making a 3-day weekend out of it.

The cheapest we’ve found on a Sunday is $85 a head.  Which sound reasonable until you realize there’s tax and gratuity on top of that, and then multiply it by the 125-150 people that will be attending.  I may have to hurt some feelings when it comes to the wedding invitations for my side.  I would rather have all my friends attend and cut out the plus ones, whereas Jess likes many of the plus ones and would rather have them and cut down on some of my friends she doesn’t like.

Which means that if I want my friends, AND their plus ones, some of my more ‘irritating’ family members have to be cut.  This should be a fun Thanksgiving.


~ by chrismcdevitt on November 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “Wedding Planning is going to drive me nuts”

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  2. Momsters in Laws or is it Monsters in Laws just come with marrying
    a sweet girl like Jess. Having been married to your Momster in Law I “Bill Clinton” feel your pain without the BJ (never into fat jewish girls) though it does blow. It seems the test of a marriage is that those who are about to be married are challenged not by their own relationship or major life change but apparently unhappy relatives who impose their life learned (in real life they know nothing!) lessons and hence will upon your about to be life. Getting married is about life.
    Life should be happy. Life can be happy, I even find life to be
    happy. Love is even happier. Maybe we should work up a giant
    guest list… and let those who choose to play games be the first
    to take a ride in a sabotaged Hot Air Balloon… I love you guys..and your wedding will be about the biggest day of my life..
    Invite everyone you want… we will find a way! However.. one thing… no full size roast pig.. it could have been someone’s pet…

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