All Good Things Must Come To An End

For the first time in my life today, I’m going to go into that little booth in the grade school down the street, and vote Democrat.  My mother couldn’t be prouder.  I, on the other hand, I can’t believe it’s come to this.  Everyone kept saying during the lead-up to the election that Sarah Palin was a ‘heartbeat’ away from becoming President.  That doesn’t bother me as much as the fact that John McCain is a ‘heartbeat’ away from becoming a zombie.  Seriously.  It’s going to happen.

And when it does happen, we’re supposed to have some radical black or woman president at the helm.  A Morgan Freeman or a Geena Davis, and they gotta have a crazy name.  Obama has all that.

So later today, before purchasing a plate of chocolate chip cookies to help the girls Peewee basketball team raise money for new uniforms, I’m going to take one step towards History, and two steps towards the zombie apocalypse.


~ by chrismcdevitt on November 4, 2008.

One Response to “All Good Things Must Come To An End”

  1. Obama remorse is what I have now that the election has come and gone. Did I get tricked into voting for a black guy who is really
    whitey? Worse, today I was forced to call about a puter service problem and of course got the not Native American Indian Indian
    but the Indian from the Asia India and had a talking bug who could not explain the puter bug issue to me in English. I became annoyed and I had to tell him, “Just because
    Obama was elected doesn’t mean you don’t have to speak English.”
    Maybe the Zombies ate their brains, but from now on there are
    no chocolate chip cookies… only black n’ whites.

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