I live an odd life…

Just looking at my inbox from today; For a boring guy, my life really runs the spectrum.

Within thirty minutes of each other, I’ve found myself dishing on Levy’s upcoming Boxing Bout with Bonaduce with a popular radio personality, receiving an email full of LolCats from Halfninja contributor BOY, and going through a slew of news articles mentioning my friend, Ryan Peene (the youngest Delegate from New Jersey) at the Republican National Convention.  Now, it seems Peene, and my other friend, State Sen. BIll Baroni are in the press buttressing up the candidacy of Sarah Palin.

Last week, I woke up with a black retarded midget staring at me in a condo in Wildwood.

This week, I’m reporting 9-5 to my day job.

I have a very very odd balance.


~ by chrismcdevitt on September 3, 2008.

6 Responses to “I live an odd life…”

  1. And tomorrow you will still be an Irish dope !

  2. At least you didn’t call me Micky.


  3. I wouldn’t call you Micky,but how about name dropper…Levy.Bonaduci,Peene,Baroni and I love that “popular radio personality”.Come on ,why can’t you say Soupy Sales ?

  4. Well if I weren’t name dropping it wouldn’t be remarkable, would it? Nobody cares if I debated the latest fashion trends with J. Reg, or if I proposed a fantasy football trade to an aspiring author who has yet to accept/reject.

    Nobody cares about that shit.

  5. What’s remarkable is you thinking….wait, wait…two retards debating ,thats remarkable.I think I’ll go eat some glue.

  6. hehe…”Peene”

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