Cardinal Flag will now make his 3rd and final update…

The neighbor is a total douchebag.  Our flag was never in the trash.  He freely admitted to Jess that he took our flag down, took our flag, and hung it up at his place because it was “hanging wrong”.

Apparently, it’s a crime to hang a flag wrong, but there’s nothing legally or morally forbidding about stealing the property of another because you feel it would best be venerated on your own property.

Guess he missed that day in civics class.

I really am just angered and weirded out by the whole ordeal.

Who the hell steals a flag?

~ by chrismcdevitt on July 9, 2008.

One Response to “Cardinal Flag will now make his 3rd and final update…”

  1. please go burn it in front of him

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