This Is Why I Fly Continental…

American Airlines Flight 1908 was scheduled to leave Sunday evening from Miami en route to LaGuardia Airport in New York City. But the flight crew arrived an hour and 15 minutes late, prompting impatient and irate passengers to boo — and worse, MyFOX New York reported.

One witness said some people used “harsh language” with the gate attendants and were “really kind of like being a mob about it. It was scary.”

When a few of the crewmembers refused to work because of the “hostile environment,” American tried to find replacements — but to no avail, according to MyFOX New York. The airline had to put everyone up in a hotel and fly them out Monday afternoon.

Adding insult to injury? Flight 1908’s passengers flew into LaGuardia, but their bags arrived at JFK.

If you show up 75 minutes late for any job, people are going to be pissed off.  Not terrorism pissed, but it’s probably cool if they call you a cunt a couple of times.  Especially if they had a connecting flight to make.  I can’t stand that in this post 9/11 flight industry, people can show up late, and then refuse to work because of the consumer’s behavior.  You’re the one paying astronomical fees for airline tickets, they’re the ones collecting a paycheck for flying the friendly skies.

There’s no way the baggage thing was an accident either.  Petty ass Stewardesses.

Just fly Continental. My ONEPASS is awesome.


~ by chrismcdevitt on July 8, 2008.

3 Responses to “This Is Why I Fly Continental…”

  1. I’m a flight attendant for Continental and, while I appreciate your flying with us, my concern is for the crew. Does anyone know why the crew was late? I understand if a person shows up that late for any job there will be consequences. But the entire crew showing up late probably means it REALLY wasn’t their fault. As in, they were given “minimum crew rest” causing legal issues with the FAA. You don’t really want your pilots flying with no sleep do you? Or perhaps they were coming in from a different flight that had been delayed somewhere else.

  2. Oh, and as far as the comment about baggage and the “Petty ass Stewardesses”….. we have NOTHING to do with baggage!!! We never even see your luggage, so don’t blame that on us either.

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