Finally, An NFL Player In The News For Positive Reasons

Tony Gonzales wasn’t arrested for Driving Drunk or Carrying Guns or Pitting Dogs Against Each Other in a Fight To The Death this past weekend.  No, he was saving a man’s life.  The only person to react when another restaurant patron began choking on a piece of meat, Tony administered the Heimlich maneuver to the man and saved his life.

The rest of the restaurant’s patrons claimed they didn’t know what to do, despite a chart of the Heimlich maneuver being displayed somewhere within 80% of the restaurants that I have visited in my life.  Good on Ya, Mr. Gonzalez, my fantasy football team has been looking for a Tight End, perhaps I’ll pick you up this year.

Fox news has the story, Tony had the chicken….


~ by chrismcdevitt on July 8, 2008.

One Response to “Finally, An NFL Player In The News For Positive Reasons”

  1. Of course the man sued Gonzales for a punctured liver. Kidding.

    Yeah, great to hear. Pro atheletes do nice things all of the time (charity, mentor, etc) without any fanfare, but the media seems to like to cover only the bad news. Good on Tony regardless.

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