I Don’t Love You Anymore

Sorry for not blogging more these past few weeks, but I’m ashamed to say that I’ve been cheating on you with Facebook.  A lot.  Like A Lot.  Like take whatever you think is a lot and multiply that a lot.  I’m driving Jess nuts.  But I just can’t stop playing My Heroes Ability, Knighthood, Owned, and Mob Wars.

I can’t.

I play them all day.  I play them when I go home.  And I neglect you, my half ninjas.  For that I apologize.  My camera, USB cord, and Memory Card Reader are each in three separate locations, but once I compile them together, like some sort of lame Zelda Quest, I’ve got photos of Dozer, Minor League Baseball Games, Colin Quinn, and more.

As always, I’ll probably do a lot of updating from Wildwood, while I’m at the Casba with Bob Levy and Beetlejuice this weekend Thursday Friday and Two Shows Saturday.



~ by chrismcdevitt on June 30, 2008.

5 Responses to “I Don’t Love You Anymore”

  1. just stumbled upon your blog from the tagsurfer gizmo. did you say the club casba in wildwood new jersey? wow! i used to go there when i went on vacation each year. my sister waitressed there and i think her first husband used to be the club owner. it was so many years ago…i have forgotten. so what is the club like now? i think way back when they had female impersonators in the show.

  2. oh my gosh…YES…i just looked at your link…a very long time ago my sister was with mark vito. and he is still there. this is a small world indeed. are you a comedian?

  3. I was about to post a blog about how you are obsessed with facebook and a big giant loser!

  4. Some people would say I’m a comedian, not EVERYONE who reads this blog, but most. Yeah, I’ll be there this weekend with the Rev. Bob Levy and Beetlejuice, telling ha-has and drinking Yuenglings.

  5. Dont get locked in your room & mastrubate this time

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