June 25th will be a DOUBLE POINTS DAY

but only for 12-pack codes of all the participating MYCOKEREWARDS.COM brands.  SO get yourself 20 12-pack codes and don’t enter any codes on the 24th.

Then enter your first ten codes on the 25th of June in the morning (before 12pm) then enter the other 10 12-pack codes after noon.  You’ll walk away with 400 Coke Points instead of the usual 200 that a move like that would garner.

This means all you Boys State Thursday Night Party Havers better be holding onto those Coke CODES for me.  Or you’re all going swimming in Lake Nelson.


~ by chrismcdevitt on June 19, 2008.

18 Responses to “June 25th will be a DOUBLE POINTS DAY”

  1. Of course now when I have time to load mine in, the site’s busy and I can’t do it. They should’ve been better prepared for this.

  2. I agree..the site says scheduled maintenance. How can it be scheduled maintenance when they’ve been promoting this!! Anyone got an email to them a complaint?

  3. What good does it do for them to promise double points on 12 packs on the 25th. I`ve been trying, but they have the website shut down!!! How can you get your double points if they won`t let you in??? What a rip!!!

  4. I agree.grrrrr

  5. Now I can’t even find the email about double points day. I didn’t delete it, its not in spam, old mail, or recently deleted. It’s ….like it never ….existed. AAAAAA!!!!

  6. Yeah I’m hella-pissed. I can’t even find the information so I can text the codes in. I think it’s all a conspiracy!!!

  7. I got the same maintenance essage and it was 8:00 MST. Call them tomorrow at 7:00 am at 1-866-674-2653 to complain and opt for Technical help so you get a live voice. I tried tonight but they close at 7 p.m. What a rip-off. I got the e-mail too but deleted it.

  8. What a rip off! I had entered four this morning, and did my shopping this afternoon so I wanted to enter the rest.. the site is down.

  9. i have the email if anyone wants a copy. this is really fusterating i went out and stocked up for this.

  10. by the way i just ckecked the web site is up and running

  11. its running alright but when i entered the codes i didn’t get my double points…..boycott

  12. actually i replied at 11:19 p.m (it’s central time here)

  13. I was able to enter my codes at 11:45 EST. I got my double points. Good luck everyone!

  14. I also got on the site last night about 9:30 and it was down. I finally got through at 10:30 p.m (central) and was able to log in code and got my double points, when it told me that my time had expired and kicked me out of the site. I kept trying and I kept getting the website down for maintenance. I tried again at 11:45 and it did let me in, but it didn’t give me double points. I’m on hold right now trying to let them know what I think of their promotion. Have the time when you print the coupons for free movies, Blockbuster says that code has already been used. So I got smart and started printing out the actually email to go with it. Have any of you had those problems with the movie coupons. Thanks!

  15. Call the l-866-674-2653 to complain if you didn’t get your points or couldn’t get them in….I did and the rep apologized, entered my l0 codes & credited my account with double points. The promotion ran from 12pm 6/25 to 12 pm 6/26…every day runs from noon to noon the following day . He added that 10 codes was the limit for this promo so getting 400 points was never an option…did anyone actually get 400?

  16. If anyone has any unwanted My Coke Rewards codes please email them to me at: abby.girl at gmail.com


  18. hey peoplz is there any new gem code:-* 😀

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