I’m sitting on the couch

alittle drunk, waiting for Jess to Dress.  Dozer is next to me, nuzzling my feet, and I realize I haven’t done any meaningful blogging in a while.  I have a few shots, I took of the little fella around our apartment that I’ll post tomorrow, until then, just be aware that I know I’m neglecting you halfninja readers and that I’ll be sure to be more diligent about my posting in the next week.

Did you hear about the “steroids rat” that got whacked?

I wish I didn’t giggle when people die, but I do.  I’m going to hell.

The new “story” is that HE murdered the woman and then killed himself, but I buy that about as much as I buy the “DC MADAM” hung herself in her mother’s shed.

The Media really expects us to buy some whoppers sometimes.  Like honestly, when you’re selling me a bullshit story, at least make it plausible.
Nobody shoots themself IN THE STOMACH before shooting themself in the HEAD.  I really wanna kill myself, but first I think I’ll suffer.  SHYEAH.  Perhaps the coroner found rectal damage where the monkeys flew out of his butt.


~ by chrismcdevitt on June 8, 2008.

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