This Guy Must Be A Real Asshole

A 21-year-old Buffalo, New York man has been charged with the attempted murder of a paraplegic shot by the suspect’s brother five years ago.

According to the Buffalo News, Ronnie Austin is accused of shooting Jamal Watts, 21, twice in the chest while he sat in his wheelchair Sunday afternoon.

It was Austin’s brother who put Watts in a wheelchair to begin with, when Jarmell Austin shot Watts in 2003, the Buffalo News reported. That shooting left Watts a paraplegic and earned Jarmell a 25-year prison sentence, the paper added.

Sunday’s incident was actually the third time Watts has been shot in the past 12 years.

He was initially listed in critical condition at Erie County Medical Center but has since been upgraded to fair.

Police said they also charged Ronnie Austin with criminal possession of a weapon, as he was carrying the gun used to shoot Watts when they arrested him Tuesday, according to the Buffalo News.

Now, I’m not trying to condone murder here, or even attempted murder; but if you’re not a cop or a soldier and you’ve been shot on THREE separate occasions in the past twelve years, TWO of which SINCE you were in a wheelchair, You MIGHT BE AN ASSHOLE.  You don’t need Jeff Foxworthy to come up with several clever instances of your particular predicament.

Shoot me once shame on you, Shoot me twice shame on me, Shoot me three times, perhaps I should just die already.


~ by chrismcdevitt on May 29, 2008.

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