Lady Gash, It’s Not Your Fault.

I’m seeing a lot of things on the internet, calling my friend a racist; and while I don’t think she’d win a libel suit against people calling her that.  It certainly isn’t nice.  It also isn’t truthful when people blame her for what happened to the Kidd Chris show.  Someone had a bone to pick and they used this song to get what they wanted, however, if it weren’t this song it would have been something else.

Say it with me, “It’s not your fault.”

“It’s not your fault.”

“It’s not your fault.”

“It’s not your fault.”

“It’s not your fault.”

“It’s not your fault.”

“It’s not your fault.”


~ by chrismcdevitt on May 19, 2008.

25 Responses to “Lady Gash, It’s Not Your Fault.”

  1. i agree that song was one of the funniest things ive ever heard….people need to stop being such prudes

  2. Maybe Chris will do us a favor and head to XM/Sirius so he can say what he wants and not worry about people being so freaking P.C. about everything.

  3. Maybe Chris should do the world a favor and stop giving no talent hacks a platform to perform parodies of songs that sucked the 1st time around. Not to mention a platform to spew the racist drivel that are her “lyrics”. Since when did being offensive to everyone that doesn’t look like you become so cool? When did it become “politically correct” to hold someone accountable not only for their words but, to the rules of the FCC which governs the airwaves she was on?

  4. There was no complaint made to the FCC, sir. The FCC was not involved in this.

  5. the Good Will Hunting pic is classic….McD is beautiful.

  6. The show is based on breaking balls they/we make fun of jews,fags,spics and everything else under the sun. Just let him run his god dam show

  7. honestly if it was made about white people no one would say a word

  8. Free Radio? This is the channel that stood by Howard Stern through all his antics. If WYSP wanted pussy ass radio they should have hired those two women Preston and Steve. Hopefully a Brave station will step up to the plate and we can get our COMEDY morning show back.


  10. I guess while everyone else is struggling Lady gash can always sing durring the 7th inning stretch at the Phillies Game.

  11. the whole wrold is getting sick of niggers anyway apart from some left idiots

  12. Lady Gash is fat white trash bitch. And Kidd Chris got what he deserved for letting her sing that effing songs. Hey Hetzel, go say that in the middle of North Philly and see how tough you are then.

  13. I do agree with Hetzel. And the song was great!

  14. Angry Diva….. Me and My boys will say shit like that anywhere we want to, Tell us what to bring and what kinda war yall want. Guns Knives or just fist. We will win any way you look at it.

  15. punk ass whiteboys never cease to amaze me. your bitch ass would never come to north philly talking tough.

  16. This really is more about censorship than race. But I do find it funny that ‘black’ people would come on the ‘internet’ ‘talking tough’, I thought that was a punk ass whiteboy thing.

    If this sort of ‘tough guy back-and-forth’ continues, I’m going to edit each of your comments to read something ‘really nice’.

  17. Well I’m black and I have no problem with the song cause it just goes to show you how people are still living in the past. It’s sad really I mean were on the verge of possibly having a black president and people still act like its 1950. I just can’t believe it. Also alot of people say that Blacks on Hip Hop Stations do the same thing and that is just not true. I have never in my life heard anything like this from a hip-hop station.

  18. I haven’t really listened to Kidd Chris since he switched to mornings. When he was on in the afternoons I’d listen- and I will be honest- the show gets old very quickly.
    When it comes to comedy- no subject is off limits, race, religion, etc. When it comes to comedy the crass and the vulgar can be funny. Does anyone remember The SIDs (sudden infant death syndrome) parody? This cracked me up, and I’m sure it offended some people-and it was obviously done in jest, it was low brow, crass, vulgar- I laughed thinking about a little dead baby. It wasn’t serious though.
    The problem I have with hateful racist humor- is on the level of comedy- MOST of it actually isn’t that funny. It’s the same jokes, with the same punchlines, being recycled over and over and over again. Seriously- jokes about Black people eating watermelon and fried chicken are like 200 yrs old. Jokes about Thomas’s “fat yellow face” and “blindfolding him with dental floss” are identical to jokes invented before world war 2. These jokes aren’t even creative in my opinion- and the audience made them all the time. Frankly when I listen to a radio show I am looking for variety and ingenuity. Kidd Chris did have his moments in all fairness to him. I’d listen to all call ins, the base racist humor and laugh- not at the jokes, but at how fucking simple these morons found it to amuse themselves. I’d be in my car and say to myself “what a bunch of fools,these guys are just dumbass’s”-that gave me a chuckle for what it’s worth.
    Making fun of cripples was also a riot! why? because they don’t really deserve it, Making fun of little dead blue babies was funny because babies are innocent. That’s the parody, that’s the joke- and I didn’t take it seriously.
    Here is the difference with hateful racist humor though. Often the people making the jokes, are completely serious- they really believe that “all Ni&&er$ are lazy and on welfare, thiefs, etc. that are destroying society” Just look at some of the posts here- it’s humor that reflects an actual (incorrect) opinion.
    I’ll tell you what is really funny- when people call out racists for what they actually are, the fucking cowards don’t even have the courage to defend their views, everytime, they back peddal, and say ” It was just a joke”
    Ha Ha Ha- you guys are morons- have fun on the internet because now you got nothing on the airwaves to rally around. peckerwoods (and I am just joking)

  19. ^ummmm no

  20. What Jackass Really thinks Obama’s a BLACK Man? He might have Dark Skin but he’s definately No African American! I just took a trip to philly, It wasn’t all that Tough… I mean People talked big, But Pretty much a Bunch of Pu$$ys with Guns. Yall need to throw down and Fight sometimes, Dont Hide behind Guns and Call yourself Tough!

  21. shes a nice girl leave her alone you assholes, only the thin skinned blacks get offended look at imus, fuck this country and the blacks

  22. Anyone ever see a ghetto ass white neighborhood? Didnt think so

  23. haha, anyone thats ever been to a trailer park has seen a ghetto ass white neighborhood! A bunch of damn Crackheads running around

  24. the song was played so much because thats what the people requested, wasn’t that wsp’s angle, what a bunch of pussy’s.. Keep your chin up lady gash, its not ur fault, and the only reason all the black people are mad is because someone told them there suposed to be.

  25. Gash is fat

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