The Kidd Chris Birthday Party has been postponed.

The party scheduled for tonight at 9pm at Whiskey Tango in Philadelphia has been postponed according to the 94 WYSP website.  The exact language is:

The Kidd Chris Birthday Party Has Been Postponed

We Regret Any Inconvenience This May Cause.

That’s the end of the story right there.  Rumors are flying about the internet of deaths in the family, deaths within the show, suspensions, firing, etc.  These are only rumors.

The only fact right now is that the party is off, and that the phone screener is enjoying his sandwich.



~ by chrismcdevitt on May 16, 2008.

12 Responses to “The Kidd Chris Birthday Party has been postponed.”


  2. went to whiskey tango anyway. would have been a good move if the show went on or if chris and crew showed up to greet their fans who have they’re back nomatter what

  3. I heard that Kidd Chris was fired and will be re-replaced by Opie and Anthony. If it’s true, 94 wysp will be off my radio 24/7/365. Does all management in every company have to be brain dead? Sure management, the advertiseres (seemingly) pay the bills. But where do they get that money? They get it from us, the listeners. If we the listeners don’t get the content we want then we listen elsewhere. F infinity broadcasting and their control freak dictators, go satellite!!

  4. This seals it. I’m done with YSP.

  5. if you go to my comment for “kidd chris has been fired? I found the song, and tell how to go to it!! believe it or not its just 3 clicks linked through WHY CAN THEY PLAY IT AND NOT CHIRS???? GIV’EM HELL CHRIS!!!!!

  6. I will no longer listen to YSP. This is ridiculous.

  7. karen mateo is the one who fired them. Interestingly enough if you google CBS Corp and her named together some contact info pops up. In the words of Chris, I am not advocating anything here, I just find it interesting.

  8. I stopped listening to YSP when they switched to this “heard it a million times” rock format. Shame Kidd is gone. John Cook can suck a dick though.

  9. WYSP has burned me for the last time. No explanation, no warning, just tune in and to find that what you liked listening too is no longer being played. At least there is still a decent rock station on Sirius 24

  10. Congrats for throwing WYSP down the crapper Karen Mateo!! Fuck The FCC and Fuck CBS!! I didn’t follow Stern to Satellite, but I’ll follow Chris! Sirius anyone???

  11. I haven’t tuned in to YSP since I heard the news. Never again will I or the 300 employees at my company listen. Good job YSP way to top the charts. This isn’t The FCC it is the pussies at WYSP.

  12. indeed. i still have not put ysp back on the dial since aqll of this happenned. and for the record i did go out and buy a sirus radio the day after i found out. ysp suxxx.

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