Party at Levy’s Comedy Club TONIGHT

Disappointed over the Kidd Chris news?  Rest assured you can still party tonight with The Rev. Bob Levy, The Legendary Wid, Blake from Sales, Robin Fox, Chris McDevitt and more.  Who knows who else will be there.

Tickets are 50% off ($10) if you mention Kidd Chris when you purchase them.

Levy’s is at the Ramada on Bristol Pike in Levittown.

Call 215-945-LEVY for more details and reservations!

See you tonight



~ by chrismcdevitt on May 16, 2008.

3 Responses to “Party at Levy’s Comedy Club TONIGHT”

  1. where is Chris goin????? gotta see him if hes a gonner in Philly….LA riots may insue!


  2. […] fans of the show: Half-Ninja (Chris McDevitt) reports there’s a party at Levy’s Comedy Club tonight. Possibly related […]

  3. go to my comment on “kidd chris has been fired?” and I tell you where to find the song!!!!

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