Nutjob White Supremacists

blame the whole Brittini Hardcastle/Victoria Lindsay debacle on blacks, jews, MTV, Sumner Redstone and more, all while infringing on Coolio’s copyrighted material.

I fucking hate Mondays.


~ by chrismcdevitt on April 14, 2008.

8 Responses to “Nutjob White Supremacists”

  1. How ’bout this vid? As Deek Jackson of the FKNewz would say: ‘It beggars belief!”

  2. Those boys weren’t involved, they have no evidence at all showing that they were.. All 6 girls have said that those boys knew nothing about it. Grady Judd released the video on national television BEFORE they talked to a SINGLE witness, actually they didn’t speak to ANY witnesses until 9 days later. Yeah there were neighbors around who heard the noise, and those neighbors seen Zach, and Steven at Zachs house. (which was next door!!) So What I want to know is why Grady Judd released this video, and pretty much stated that everyone was guilty before he even had facts!!! And if you people have not seen a fight before where the hell have you been living? It’s a fight- now there are people making death threats OVER A FIGHT! Where the hell is the logic in that???? How can anyone justify that? Some people need to GET A LIFE!!

  3. Dear,

    This was not a fight. This was six girls who had one girl trapped, would not let her leave, and kept striking her. One of whom laid in ambush. Fights generally occur when two people are striking each other. Watch the video. This is not a ‘two way’ street. The girl being struck does not fight back.

    This was what we call in America, “Assault and Battery” and “Forcible Imprisonment”.

    Thanks for playing,

  4. Well I KNOW that those boys were not involved! so their names need to be dropped. Do I think the fight was right? HELL NO, but I also know that its not right to charge innocent people who were not even there, and knew nothing about it!!!!!!!

  5. The police say they were involved:

    Included in the documents is a report by sheriff’s Detective Ricky Newman who wrote that Schumaker changed his story when the tape recorder was turned on during an interview.

    Newman wrote that Schumaker admitted previously in an untaped interview to overhearing the girls planning to jump Lindsay and posting the video on MySpace and YouTube.

    The detective also wrote that Schumaker told him Ashley warned the girls to quiet down because neighbors were getting suspicious.

    Schumaker said in his taped statement that he and Ashley saw the girls arguing outside the house while sitting on a nearby porch.

    Schumaker said he and Ashley went to a gas station and came back. “Then I don’t know what the heck happened inside the house,” he said.

    Newman attempted to get a copy of a surveillance video from the gas station, but the footage from that night had been recorded over, reports state.

  6. First off that the thing all you crackers do. All of you think you can get away with things but when someone harms you, you want to “bitch and moan.” All of you are hypocrites and you don’t know the first thing about being fair or what’s right.

  7. Right. well I know them and know they were somewhere else! And of course the cop could lie and say that he changed his story, but if that is the case then why in the recorded statment didn’t the detective note that that was a dif. statement than previously given??? Yeah I have read ALL the police reports as well!!

  8. oh yeah and the detective went to the gas station to get the video proof that the boys weren’t there 10 days later!!!!! Why?? oh well the boys have FINALLY been cleared!! I can tell you charges were dropped on the boys because they weren’t involved, and the prosecutors KNEW that they didn’t have ANYTHING showing that they were!! Thank god that someone has finally used some common sense in this case!! There have been people saying all along the boys weren’t there, maybe that should have been checked into before the sheriffs dept. went on national television with NO PROOF that the boys even knew about it…. tisk tisk PCSD…

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