They Cancelled Jericho AGAIN!

Despite the tremendous outpouring of fan support that brought the once cancelled Jericho back from the dead last year, the suits at CBS have once again taken the axe to the Nielson-ratings whipping boy.  Apparently, those that make the decisions think the ratings for a 7-episode season launched in the middle of the writer’s strike, is representative of what the show has to offer, and not a reflection of how many viewer’s TELEVISION itself drove away during the tet-a-tete over internet download residual’s and 4 vs. 8 cents per DVD.

 Go F yourself, CBS.  Honestly, I’m starting to regret the TiVo I got for Christmas.  With The Shield rapping up its last season this fall, the Sopranos gone, Rome gone, Carnivale gone, Lucky Louie gone, what the hell am I going to watch?

Sure there’s Dexter, but I can download that off the internet.

TV Sucks.


~ by chrismcdevitt on March 24, 2008.

5 Responses to “They Cancelled Jericho AGAIN!”

  1. NO! CBS Sucks!

    CBS you are becoming like Walmart! Every time you find something you like and begin to use (watch) it they discontinue it. It starts by shuffling it around to a different location making it hard to find, then the sales reports indicated the demand for it has gone down ( because no one can find it) so it is discontinued. With this and the writer‘s strike thank goodness I had a DVR this season. If you could of called it a season. Maybe you should take notice as Walmart’s ratings are going down and learn a lesson from them. With so much junk on so many channels it amazes me at the decision CBS has made AGAIN to cancel this show. and yet I see CBS bringing back “Welcome Back Kotter” Give me a break. I’ve watched CBS primarily for 30 years but I’m done It is astonishing at the ever increasing number of TV channels available and yet so little to watch. I certainly hope some network out there picks up and continues the show. Just as my decision to refuse to shop and in turn support Walmart, the time has come to ban CBS. Granted, it’s tough at first to break the convenience habit but to lay down and accept being dictated to is shameful. I am a stronger person than that and channel lock helps too. 🙂 I will miss the shows I watch on CBS but in time I am confident I will find other shows on different networks to satisfy my viewing needs. With spring time approaching this to will help also. It’s not that my feelings or opinion will make much difference to the almighty CBS but they better watch out if there is enough people out there that feel like I do and choose to do something about it!

  2. I agree. Jericho is one of the best shows out there.

    Stupid CBS. 😦

  3. Too bad I just discovered Jericho found out that the 2nd season has only 7 episodes and is the LAST? Then Rome…oh canceled as well…Blade…why do they do this? Even in Europe: Doctor Who gone! It will be continued but 3 years pause??? Even if it had millions of viewers. I often have the feeling they just want to milk til the peak has come and then puff!

  4. I like Jericho too… I hate to see it discontinued…

  5. Make no mistake, Jericho was taken down because it inspired Critical Thinking to the average American – an extremely scarce but invaluable commodity these freedom-oppressive days. Gov’t and The Elite that control them as well as the special interests that control Mass Media like to keep the sheeple naive and unprepared – after all, how do you manipulate and control something that already has control…Gotta keep’em dumb, right?

    Things that make you go hmm…if they don’t, they better.

    “The price of freedom is Eternal Vigilance. – Thomas Jefferson

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