The Puppies Have Been Born

Jess’s family dog, Gracie, gave birth to four whelping puppies!  One of these will be ours in 12 weeks or so, once it can leave it’s mother.  She believes that Gracie had two boys and two girls, but it’s hard to tell thanks to their tiny equipment.  They’ve tentatively named the biggest one Fatty and the runt of the litter, Minnie; if I have my druthers we won’t be sticking to either of those names for the one we get.


I guess we’ll wait and take the one Jess bonds the most with, or whichever one has the best personality.  Before someone tagged the little one, “Minnie”, I thought we had settled on naming the dog, boy or girl, “Sparkles” as both a reference to one of my jokes and a compromise on my two favorite names, “Gus” or “Mr. Waggles.”

Only time will tell on this one.

Here’s a picture of the father and some of his pals from the “alternative bar”:


Just kidding, Samson.   At least the puppies are white.  Get it?

~ by chrismcdevitt on March 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “The Puppies Have Been Born”

  1. What beautiful pups. I bet you can’t wait until the fluffy baby comes home.

  2. Two girls, two boys 🙂

  3. So…let me get this straight. You are getting married, and adopting a foo-foo puppy that you are naming Sparkles? Who the F**K are you, and what did you do with that asshole, Chris McDevitt?

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