I hate St. Patrick’s Day

“Everyone’s Irish On St. Patrick’s Day!!!”

Bullshit.  I’m Irish 365 days a year.  366 days THIS YEAR.  Why did I come in to work this morning to find them providing us with Green Bagels.  All my years of education have taught me that if a Bagel is green, you throw that fucker out, you don’t celebrate it.  There are little leprechauns all around my office, it’s shameful.

No other ethnic group is treated this way.  Nobody had a Watermelon lunch during February.  Nobody pretended to be Black during Black History Month.  I didn’t see one person celebrating the “Wearing of the Orange.”

There won’t be little Sombrero Wearing Mustachio’s plastered all over the office on May 5th.

It’s bullshit.

Plain and Simple.  I won’t be partying tonight because it’s a monday.  Everyone around here assumes I will be.  But it’s a MONDAY.

Contrary to popular belief not everyone with a Mc or an O’ in front of their last name is a raging alcoholic.  Weekend Warrior, perhaps but not full blown.  Feel me?


~ by chrismcdevitt on March 17, 2008.

One Response to “I hate St. Patrick’s Day”

  1. Note: Josh refused to wear green on Sat/Mon, too. Sigh.

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