Career Suicide: Not Just Yet

So, I finally made it through listening to the recordings of both Friday’s sets, and while the clarity of the recording is more than I could have hoped for with $150 recorder; the sets themselves are not.  I can hear the glaring “lightness” of the crowd during the first set, and the overwhelming amount of Breslins present during the second ruined any shot of using these recordings.

When it comes to Tightness, I blame a lack of preparation, but the weather also played a large part in practically ruining the first show, and dampening the second.  A crowd of 60 is simply not what I want to release on CD.

There is a silver lining though; I’ll be recording my sets from now on, and either compiling the CD from various sets (which I consider kinda chickenshit) or perhaps capturing GOLD on tape.  We’ll see.

Upcoming Shows being recorded:  March 7th at Madd Anthony’s, March 15th at the Dug Out Pub, March 22nd in Manahawkin, and March 29th with Screech in Pitman, NJ.

All of my upcoming shows can be found HERE.

~ by chrismcdevitt on February 28, 2008.

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