My Coke Rewards Hassle

As of today, I’ve entered 8628 coke points into their website, I’ve redeemed them for a lot of things, but I’m starting to lose patience and interest.  For one thing, I’ve got 30 some odd points sitting on my desk that I can’t enter.  No matter how many times I put it in, no matter how many little letter tweaks I give it, the website says that I’m entering it incorrectly.

Which is bullshit.  There are three groups of four letters, there’s only so many ways they can be entered, and now I’ve been locked out because of too many invalid attempts.  Here’s a newsflash, I’m not trying to code break, it’s YOUR FUCKING FAULT COKE.  If you used real ink instead of this connect the dots bullshit, perhaps the code would work.

I am so angry now.

So.  So Angry.

UPDATE:  Even angrier now, after several minutes of obtuse site navigation, I found where you are supposed to report problems to the website.  Too bad it doesn’t work.



~ by chrismcdevitt on February 19, 2008.

91 Responses to “My Coke Rewards Hassle”

  1. of course that happens now that they have some decent prizes. We only have around 2500. another 1,000 would get us the portable DVD player. and that will be gone by then…damn you coke!!

  2. If coke gives 3 points for every drink, how in the world did you have the time to enter 2,876 times? And I have a newer monitor, but I can never see the whole coke site to the left of the screen. Help!

  3. i too am so frustrated right now. On my work computer I cannot enter the codes because it is making me do some survey for a registration update. However, the pop up survey is incomplete at the bottom so I cannot fill it out and therefore I cannot get into my account and enter the 20 some caps I have taking up more and more space in my purse. AND I REALLY FUCKING WANTED THOSE DELTA SKYMILES LAST FALL!!!!!!!!!! I really needed to say that to someone finally. Thanks. katie

  4. i love coke rewards

  5. Well Pepsi, Here I come, Cause COKE sucks! We can’t finish registering cause you can’t read the left side of the screen. Definately a screwed-up Site.

  6. Since you guys are fusterated with coke. Could you help me out and send me some codes at my email

  7. the same thing is happening to me i fucking hate it

  8. Patience people! I have experienced some of the same problems and Coke has straightened them all out.

  9. try to call 1800GET COKE to get someone to help

  10. My rewards expired no e-mail nothing. just gone. it said on the web site i would get an e-mail. I just got 4 cases of coke.

  11. any coke reward codes that anyone is not going to use send to

  12. Any one who has coke codes that could pass them to me to help me get 2000 points to get my son that big teddy bear — Thanks so much

  13. Also, to anyone who is able to help me with coke codes Isome times have pepsi codes and if you like you may have them. I have 5 kids and my 7yr. son loves teddy bears his b-day is in june and i want to get him the big coke bear—- Please Help — Thank You

  14. Mycokerewards is the worst website I’ve ever seen. They think they are being cool and unique with the piece of shit flash website but it is always broken and always slow. I hate it so much.

  15. this too many invalid codes thing happened to me too! does it eventually let you back in because i’m having the same problems reading the codes on the 12 pack cans. if they don’t let me in within the next couple of days i’m leaving them a strong worded complaint!!!!!!

  16. I am having problems with the codes on the 12 pack cases! I am trying to win a trip for my family to disney! ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED! THANKS SO MUCH email codes to

  17. yeah me too, i had 650+ points!! and they expired, no email, no nothing, i had to look at my account history to see what happened, but there should be SOME WAY to get expired points back!! it pisses me off!! if you are done with it, then send all of your codes to

  18. When I go to the site I can’t see the entire screen. Crazy!!!
    Does anyone have any suggestions to solve the screen problem? Thanks!

  19. I go out of the country for several months and after all the time I spent entering the codes several times because it is illegible, I now find out they were expired with only about one week notice and the site was inaccessible. Return my points or my family will no longer drink your product(s).

  20. I’m so sick of looking in all the garbage cans for the frigging caps! Plus only 10 codes a day limit sucks beyond belief. Plus I don’t see any good prizes that are less than 10000+ points. I’d be lucky if I get enough for some magazines.

    Pepsi is the same crap. All the good stuff is gone :(. All they have left is some crappy CD’s and DVD’s.

    This is the 1st & last time that I will fall into this promotion crap.

  21. If you guys have unused codes for coke rewards i really need them so please email them to me at

  22. I need points, Ebay for whatever reason does not list points for sale anymore. Anyone have some I will pay .03 a point must be at least 1ooo pts and NO caps.

  23. if you have points for sale email me at

  24. Everyone who is begging for points should go do something useful like drowning themselves, thereby saving the government from having to enact forced sterilization.

  25. I’ve got a coke rewards account with about 4,030 points…. been entering them since the program started. Anyway, I saw ebay no longer allows points or accounts to be sold, so is anyone here interested in buying the account?

  26. Iwould really like to post my cokerewards codes. I even tried to answer my survey and can’t even read the full page. I’m a big coke fan with many coke tins, cookie jars, and etc, don’t make me mad and throw it all the way.

  27. Heh, sounds like you people have no life. I came across this site by none of your business. This is 4 the people who are desparetly doin this reward thingy: it sucks, the end. >= l

  28. The problem you are having with the screen not fitting on your monitor is that you have to change the resolution for the monitor that you are using……just change it and you’ll be back at it.

  29. your welcome guys

  30. haha

  31. If any one whats to buy some points I have over 10,000 ( in box tops (10pts) and 32 cases (25pts)) unentered points, email me at

  32. free peter jackson’s king kong the game for ps2 for the first person who sends me 10 unused codes and another 3 games for ps2 if u give me an account that u don’t want that has 1000 plus points on it e-mail me at

  33. But the PS2 SUCKS! Who would do that, joe?

  34. ok first to send in 10 unused codes will get a game of their choice for any system (pc, ps, 360, ds, wii, ps2) 2 xtra games of my choice for the same system as the first if you give me an account with 1000+ points on it also cash secondary prizes e-mail

  35. ok first to send in 10 unused codes will get a game of their choice for any system (pc, ps3, 360, ds, wii, ps2) 2 xtra games of my choice for the same system as the first if you give me an account with 1000+ points on it also cash secondary prizes e-mail made a mistake on the ps part

  36. send in a code or two for a ten buck prize have an account you don’t want any or no points on it i will give you money and you can buy points from me please do this

  37. The whole thing reeks of a scam Joe, and I’d rather not have it on my blog.


  38. I have had the same problem for over a month now, I’ve emailed Hank on the website twice and haven’t had a response….

  39. plzzz send ur codes to i am using the codes 4 a good cause plzz and thank you 😀

  40. hey, i am having a contest. You have to email me at least 3 mycoke rewards codes. if you do, then your email address will be placed in the contest. I will randomly draw an email address to win %95 of all the mycoke rewards emailed to me. (the other %5 goes to myself). if you email me 6 codes your email address will be entered twice in the contest. 9 sent, it will be entered 3 times….so on….so on…. so good luck to all. email

  41. Guys do what I do,try to collect the big points only,like 25 point or 20 the water boxes had 20 point”DASINI”,make friend with you grocery store and tell then to save for you,go to you neighbor apartments, trash cans and searching that’s what I do and every weekend I get a least 1,000 points.I got from coke many electronics and credits cards
    a big flat tv and I won 100 with “SPRITE”.If you serious I will sell some my points.

  42. Yeah. MCR can be a pain sometimes. Check out my blog; i have an article on MCR, too.

  43. SO I have a my coke rewards account with 1307 points, and about 40 caps in my room not used yet, I am willing to sell them. If anyone is interested. please email at but I will only take paypal and then I will change my information on the account to whatever you want and I will also email you the caps I have at home. thanks and email me if interested.

  44. The same bullshit is happening to me with this Coke-Reward crap. I put in points and the next time it says you password and user ID don’t match. Hey Coke, FUCK YOU, I am gonna buy Pepsi. A trillion dollar company and you can’t build a $250.00 website, a bunch of incompetent idiots.

  45. Hey guys sorry to about the frustrations you’re having with coke rewards, but if anyone does not want their codes please send them to, Thanks!

  46. my roommate drank a shitload of diet coke until he started having stomach problems. now he’s off the crap, but like other junkies over 30 with years long habits i figure he’ll be on it again as soon as his stomach can handle it. i know other shitheads who are killing themselves with cigarettes and have gathered points to get some crap so when i seen all these points going in the garbage (about one 12 pack a day), i figured i would check out the rewards site. but before divulging any private info (name address email so on) i decided i would check out some reviews on the web. seems like most people are unhappy to downright angry with the rewards program so fuck it. and no i won’t be forwarding any points to you internet panhandlers. you people disgust me. begging for points so you can give your kid a fucking advertisement teddy bear. bitch if you put the money in a jar that you spent on coke to make your ass bigger you could buy your kid a fucking teddy bear and play with him too.

  47. Please, e-mail me any coke rewards codes. My e-mail is : Pls, state on subject line: coke rewards code.


  48. please email me at with codes.

  49. Our small school in southern Illinois is now attempting to obtain playground equipment using Coke Rewards. Anyone who is interested in donating their points for this purpose– it would be greatly appreciated. Our school’s zipcode is 62880!! Thank you soo much in advance. If you would like any additional info or “nice” comments you can email to Thanks and have a great day!!

  50. I have about 5000 saved up but they don’t have anything I want now. And I have noticed what used to be only 4000 points is now 5500 points to get. So my coke rewards points has inflation too?? Who knew?! It’s frustrating.

  51. omfg.. they continue to depreciate the value of each point. i used to have $370 worth of points, now they reduced each point’s worth to only 2¢ make my balance worth around $200. i wonder if this is for everyone or just those who have more points.. that would be truly evil.

  52. Let’s do some math here.

    There is currently a $100 gift card on the site, on average I pay $1.20 for a 20oz Coke.

    At face value, I would have to drink roughly 83 Cokes.

    The card is 4000 points though, let’s see what they value it as.

    4000/3 is… 1333 Cokes. 1333×1.20 is $1599.

    Calculation does not count in the 10 pointers. Those are typically $5-6 here for a 12 pack.

    The value is in the 3 pointers. Though I’m sure Coke charges extra for the easiness of only having to put in a 10 point code once rather than 3/4 times.

  53. Lucky for me, I’m in the vending business. So we deal with 32 pack cases, not 12 pack. On the bottom of each case is the code. Not worth 3 or 10 points. It is 25 points. So each day I get to enter 250 points. I get about 20 codes a day, because a lot of customers give me their empty cases. But even at that, I’m not excited because all of the gifts SUCK!! What’s going on with that???

  54. Email me at if you want to buy Coke rewards points. Ebay is stupid and won’t let me sell them so email me. Transaction would be completed through Paypal.

  55. hey. why don’t we stop wasting our time and spend our money on something truly fun. October 21 is the release on spider-man web of shadows. here is a vid.

  56. [REDACTED]

  57. [REDACTED]

  58. Just logged into my cokerewards account to enter some codes and saw that my 1264 points that i accumulated have expired. I emailed them to see if they would get reinstated. I hope so! I was saving for the $50 Southwest Gift card.

  59. i have the same issue. i cut 4 of the obfuscated letters from a coke pack i have.

    can anyone properly decipher these?

  60. Coke has too much sign up crap on the P. C., Rewards might be fun if there wasn’t so much to the sing up CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. yup

  62. I’m going to keep this as civil as possible. But I’m angry over the “new direction” that coke is taking the rewards program. So coke announces that it’s extending the rewards through 2009. Right, it’s obvious what’s going on here, coke is trying to cheap out. An unlimited daily code to 120pts a week is a joke, even at the least of 10 3pt caps a day for a week is 210pts. So how’s 120pts better than 210? Also the max 2000 reward is also joke. Remember the “double points” promotion? That was a broke joke too. Now those of us who have thousands of points for a high dollar item have just wasted all our time typing in those stupid codes for nothing. I knew I should have just went to the store and bought that flat screen TV rather than do all this work for nothing. coke needs to just say how it is. I suspect that the reward items are drying up because sponsors are pulling out of the program for their own reasons leaving coke to run it out alone. coke now has to back-petal on extending the rewards program by crippling it while at the same time telling its patrons that they’re making it better for them. It’s like being fed a giant turd topped with whipped cream. No matter what you put on top it still stinks and tastes bad. It’s also strange that after this great announcement from coke that you can no longer send a message to coke through the web site it always errors with a message saying “error unable to send contact us”. Guess they anticipated that all the complaints would crash their site. I’ve typed in 5000 codes in the last 2 years and now this is how coke “rewards” me. If a friend did this to me I’d punch him square in the ear. I guess the only people who have gotten the over 2000pt rewards are the ones who stock coke machines. If coke bends it’s patrons over the barrel on this, I’m sure a lot of people will start buying Pepsi. There’s 10 months left, so if coke doesn’t break out some extra cash and stock the over 2000pts products, I will start buying Pepsi and I’m sure others are to follow.

  63. Ha, DA, you saw the same thing I did, I got that email saying the daily code limit was lifted, but there is a max of 120 pts a week? I just sat there in front of my monitor in a daze, how is 120 per week better? I get 12/24pk codes from work, so I’d hit my 120 limit in a day even with only entering 10 codes. Terrible. I’m trying to get the telescope for my bro (all the other prizes really do suck), but I have the sinking feeling it will be gone by the time I get to it, Im 3/4th the way there, but it would be my damn luck. So I’ve been making very sure to enter in my ten codes a day before their “great unlimited code entering” thing goes into effect. 🙂

  64. Oh also I forgot to add the fact that coke has lowered the value of the points from 3 to 2 cents per point. What? I didn’t know coke points were involved with the stock market. Not only are your new points only worth 2 cents but all the points you have already entered. What a load of crap. Why doesn’t coke just bring back what they called “new coke” and just finish the whole thing off

  65. I just entered my points and surpassed 5000 when I looked at my total it shows 4514 instead of 5514!! What is going on??????

  66. i would like some coke codes please email me at

  67. since you all sound like you hate mycokerewards..

    give me all of your points! please!

    anyone who has points they don’t want and that are still good, please send them to my email address:


  68. coke stole the points that I had built up. interesting enough, I received an e-mail that said due to inactivity they were taking my points, they did not close the account just stole the points. If inactivity is the key, then why did they not just shut the account as well? dont know this for sure but just from looking at the way they run the program i get the feeling this program is run by some little napolen who has a three piece suit and wants to impress the boss. This whole experience has left me with the attitude that when the program is over and i am standing in the beverage isle at the store, it will be pepsi from then on

  69. Since coke has pissed me off and they are more expansive and rarely have a sale…screw them…..Mountain Dew is my drink of choice……I want to recover my losses from coke so if you would please send codes to and I will pass them on TKS

  70. it’s a big bullshit….their site……and even the program…please don’t waste your time …..

  71. First time user of Rewards Program. I bought LOTS of pop for a holiday gathering, entered the codes and claimed 3 free pop rewards. Coupons came fast! Since then, I have been unable to login to my account, cannot contact them, cannot setup new account. That sux…

  72. Maybe its time for everyone to join in on a class action suit! Anyone interested?

  73. If anyone is willing to sell there points please email me your price

  74. I happen to have a complaint with the dept of consumer affairs of FLorida. Write a letter to:
    Joann Davis – Regulatory Specialist III
    Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services,
    The Capitol,
    Tallahassee, FL 32399-0800

    and cite reference # 0903-10080/JD

    I’m sure she will be glad to hear about problems with and not being able to enter correctly.

  75. I Will Contact them for you just email me at and for the subject put coke all i need is your email and what you want me to say to them and there you go.

  76. anybody getting connection issues when they try to enter a code? It says “connection issues please try again later.” I was able to enter 2 or 3 codes last night got the error.. Today I entered 5 or 6 codes.. and got the same error again.

    I am a busy person, who has a family with a job that I put in more than 40 hours a week.. I usually let the codes build up for a few weeks, and then enter them in when I have time. I don’t have time to sit here and try the website every few hours for the “connection issues” to get fixed. Is this a problem only on my end.. Or is this a widespread systemwide problem?

  77. Hey, check out

    They give away free codes daily!

  78. COKE deleted my points ALL OF THEM!!!! I had about 1400 of them. I was too busy to “keep the account current” and the bastards drained my account. What a fricking rip off!!! I spent a long time saving and entering the codes and carefully entering them tediously over and over and fighting the often poorly printed and “slanted” type on the boxes.

    THIS BURNS RAW!!!!!!


  79. I have been saving mycokerewards for over a year to get something good and I loged on today and they are all gone!!!!I had aver 2000 points!!!! I am so upset!!

  80. I had over 1000 points and they have all been deleted. WHY!!!!

  81. I can’t get on My Coke Rewards…the frame is blank. For weeks now and I have a big pile of codes to enter. After reading all the posts here I guess I won’t worry about it and stop trying and stop wasting my time. BOOO Hiss.

  82. I was laid off and could not afford internet for 91 days. I had over 1800 points in my account and when I logged on they where gone. Then I read some bullshit about after 90 days if there is no activity they expire. Well I spent a lot of time as most of you know entering those gd things just to find out that I might as well of stuck my thumb up my ass instead. It would have been more satisfying. During my lay off period I have collected over 500 caps. Instead of spending all that time entering them I think I’ll call 1 of the national TV networks and have them film me ligting them all on fire.

    Xenia, Ohio

  83. http://WWW.MYCOKEREWARDS.COM is THE WORST WEB SITE EVER. I get this error message most of the times I try to log-in.

    “We are sorry,

    We were unable to complete your login request at this time. Please try again in a few moments.”

    Coke is overrated anyways!

  84. Hello, I am sorry to hear about your misfortunes BUT for those who enjoy mycokereward I am selling my points Please email me for more information at


  85. 15 cents per cap code paypal only email before purchasing!

  86. On Jan. 3, I cashed in some of my reward points for tickets to a basketball game on Feb. 14. STILL don’t have the tickets, and the site says the request is still “processing.”

    So, on Jan. 31, I sent them a message via their website trying to find out what’s up. Two days later, I get an email telling me they’ll look into the issue and get back to me in 5 to 7 business days. Well, what good does that do me? The game is in ONLY 8 BUSINESS DAYS.

    So I called them, mistakenly thinking that I could make a little more headway. The short of it is, don’t bother. All I got was an, “I’m very sorry, ma’am, I wish I could do more, but shipping on stuff like this takes about two to four weeks.” To which I argued, “It’s been more than four weeks.” Customer “service” then said, “Well, I’m sorry, but there’s nothing we can do. They are looking into it and will get back to you in 5 to 7 business days.”

    I am very, very mad.

  87. It’s genuinely very difficult in this full of activity life to listen news on Television, thus I just use the web for that reason, and obtain the most recent information.

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