Connie’s Birthday Party


Over the weekend, Jess and I went to the 30th birthday party for Philly Radio Celebrity, Constantine.  The party was thrown by the Kidd Chris show and 94.1 WYSP.  The Beatoffs played.  A good time was had by all.  Especially Connie.

As well as the people DRESSED like Connie, competing to win $1000, like Coz.

As well as a gracious assortment of Show Guests, Underbelly and Fans.  Such as Brad the Cripple:

Yeti and 2/3rds of Nitty Gritty:

and internet porn star, Alexia Sparks.

Personally though, my favorite part of the evening was when Kidd Chris slapped an M4M sticker on Brad’s wheelchair.  If you don’t know what M4M stands for, go on craigslist.  No, go ahead, I’ll wait.

Hahahah.  Get it, now?  GOOD.  Monday thru Friday 6am-10am on WYSP 94.1.


~ by chrismcdevitt on February 11, 2008.

3 Responses to “Connie’s Birthday Party”

  1. Awesome party! Cant wait until next year.

  2. I look good. Also, you linked my name to an incorrect site. It’s Thanks.

  3. i went to that craigs list thing and searched M4M… nothing came up? is it like ISO? Men for Men? i guess the rainbow kinda gives that away. you threw me off with the site re-direct. DAMN YOU MCDEVITT!!!

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