Revisionist History

“We stomped the New England Patriots out!” Strahan screamed in an almost preacher-like cadence. And then he jumped into the air — jumped higher than the seated Mayor Bloomberg — and landed with a thundering stomp.

Maybe I wasn’t watching the same game that Michael Strahan was, but didn’t the Giants win by 3 points?  3 points right?  Is that a stomping now? 3 points?  It’s a good thing the Giants didn’t win by seven Michael Strahan might have had the pliable NY Crowd chanting, “We committed genocide on you and your people”.

It was a great achievement by both the NY Pass Rush, and the NY Passer, but I’d hardly call it “a stomping”.  I’d be even less likely to chant it on National Television while jumping up and down looking like Mike Tyson with Shoulder Pads; Brimful of Crackpot notions and a squeak toy for a Larynx.

If I were Michael Strahan, I wouldn’t go to Disneyland, I’d go get some reliable dental work, and maybe consider coming out of the closet.


~ by chrismcdevitt on February 6, 2008.

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