I never would have guessed

in a million years that David Lee Roth’s reunion tour with Van Halen would last longer than Posh Spice’s reunion tour with the Spice Girls.  Seriously, what else is going on in her life?  She’s got a Terminator exoskeleton and some saline funbags.  She doesn’t even need her own bed in the tour bus, she probably just sleeps in a box like George (the ventriloquist’s dummy from Otto and George, not the former Beatle, George Harrison, he slept in a coffin).  Is “Scary Spice” hard to deal with?  Eddie Murphy seemed to think so.  Baby Spice must be crushed, she was almost relevant.  Almost.  At this point they could replace Victoria “Posh” Beckham with Heath Ledger’s corpse in a dress and the only thing people would say is that Posh gained weight.


~ by chrismcdevitt on February 5, 2008.

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