Tabloid makes (Brokeback) Mountain out molehill

by Andy-Boy

I am not very original with my internet habits; its typically email, porn, virus scan, online backing, porn, virus scan and then bed. My homepage is still the default- So when I was, uh, yahoo-ing the other day and there was a picture of Gay Corpsebride himself, Headstone Ledger with three articles you could link to.

“New information on the young star’s death” (He’s still dead, sports fans.) But maybe some valid info, I don’t know because I was in too much of a hurry to get to my online bill pay to pursue that. The second option was

“Michelle Williams returns to NYC.” Again, all good. When your former lover and father to your beautiful baby girl kicks the bucket, it’s tradition to go hang out there until he is underground. Again, still valid info to someone I am sure.

Its the last link that got me. “Where is Jake Gyllenhaal?” IT WAS A FUCKING MOVIE PEOPLE! I really don’t think Jake was distraught over the loss of his former Stunt Cock. If anything he was thinking “oh great, now I have to get peppered by questions about Backdoor Mountain again.”

Long story short: Michelle will miss the cock, Jake will miss the sequel.


~ by wolfbane82 on January 29, 2008.

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