In An Industry With No Working Writers…

The Bad Idea is king.  Here are just a few of the awful movie ideas I could come up with:

Ocean’s 5.5 –  A remake of a remake starring all midget actors.

Klingon: The Musical – While there are thousands of Klingon as a Second Language speakers across the world, I’m pretty sure none of them are in the Writer’s Guild, a few must have a band or at least play the French Horn.  Let’s get them together and turn them loose, Busby Berkeley style.

Lions for Lambs:  Tom Cruise is a loud-conservative war monger who….oh never mind, this was an actual movie.

Look Writer’s Guild, I’ve had enough.  I got a TiVo for Christmas.  It’s just sitting at my house BEHIND the sofa.  I want to use it.  Write some new shit.  I hope each of your future children is born ‘tarded. 


Seriously.  Like Helmet ‘Tarded.  Helmet ‘Tarded or Scooter Fat, your decision.  Just write some new shit.


~ by chrismcdevitt on January 17, 2008.

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