Michael Vick: Putting the Rehab into Rehabilitation


According to the National Post, Michael Vick has applied to take part in a prison-monitored drug rehab program at Leavenworth, KS, and while they can’t know if he’ll be accepted or when he’ll start the program, He has already been moved to the facility.  They also report the possibilty of Vick’s early release upon completion of the program, saying that he could be wearing a Falcons jersey as early as 2009, if the league doesn’t impose its own suspension.

Are you fucking kidding me? He’s in jail for killing dogs, not doing drugs.  Sure, they violated his bail because he failed a drug test for marijuana, but let’s be clear about one thing.  No one is addicted to marijuana.  Marijuana is not a gateway to Dog Killing.  Millions of Americans each year smoke bowl after bowl without electrocuting a Chihuahua or stabbing a Shit-Tzu.  You don’t need rehab to quit smoking marijuana; you just need to run out of pot.

How long has he been in prison, now?  Guess what!  He’s cured.  He doesn’t need group therapy in a minimum security wing of Leavenworth talking about all the times pot made him lie about his identity to women and give them herpes (Thanks for the Puppy, Ron Mexico).  The only drug problem Michael Vick has is that his prison stash smells like a Mexican’s Colon.  What’s this good behavior shit?  Has he learned to sit, roll over, and play dead?  STAY, MICHAEL VICK, STAY!

They should leave him in prison for the full 23 months, and they should make him pay for his own upkeep like the British Government did to this poor bastard.  If there’s any justice in the world, Vick’s lengthy prison sentence will see him haunted by a Ghost Dog or two.


~ by chrismcdevitt on January 7, 2008.

6 Responses to “Michael Vick: Putting the Rehab into Rehabilitation”

  1. […] Base At Home wrote something noteworthy recently.Here’s a little excerpt:No one is addicted to marijuana. Marijuana is not a gateway to Dog Killing. Millions of Americans each year smoke bowl after bowl without electrocuting a Chihuahua or stabbing a Shit-Tzu. You don’t need rehab to quit smoking marijuana; … […]

  2. The media is already speculating about the resumption of his career. I think the National Football League will have something to say about that regardless of how he manages to elude tacklers in the court system.

  3. I totally agree! He’s not going to jail for drugs so he shouldn’t be let out early for a drug rehab program. He needs to serve teh entire 23 months (if not more)!

  4. Who cares it was just some dogs it’s not like he killed people

  5. Ryan’s right in a way i’m in no way saying killing the dogs was right but shelters kill thousands a day and you dont see them getting arrested for it. People are making a bigger deal out of (it it was dogs not people) than should be and when he is let out fo prison the league SHOULD let him back in end of story

  6. The shelters that kill the dogs, do it in as humane a manner as possible. They do not beat or burn or electrocute the dogs.

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