It’s Double Points Day!

Hopefully, those of you who engage in MyCokeRewards’ing, have been stockpiling your 10 and 25 pointer codes for such an occasion.  If not, you’ll have to settle for 60 points instead of the usual 30, or some clever variation of the two.  Myself, I pulled down 88 points this morning, though it should have been more, apparently some sneaky looky-loo copied the code or guessed it from inside my 12 pack this morning.

The real interesting thing will be whether or not the Double Points carry over into the afternoon session.  You see the points I entered this morning were from thursday’s post 12pm entering period.

Let’s hope so.  Although I don’t know why you’d want to stockpile points since the last time I checked it was only garbage left on  Hopefully, they’ll restock soon.


~ by chrismcdevitt on January 4, 2008.

10 Responses to “It’s Double Points Day!”

  1. I will have to demand my wife start buying Sprite to aid in the cause.

  2. how do you know when points are doubled?? Thanks.

  3. You can read, whenever I know, I’ll let everyone know.

  4. double points are great if they put up any prizes worth saving for…they have NOTHING on that site that is good anymore and have not re-filled any prizes since 07

  5. How do you find out what your codes are worth without entering them?

  6. 20 oz. bottles are worth 3 points, 12 packs are worth 10 points. The other 24 packs and 32 packs are listed on the website

  7. Does the contest really end 1-31-08, or has it been extended again?

  8. It’s been extended until 12-31-08. You have until 1-31-09 to redeem.

  9. What is going on with the MyCokeRewards site? I can’t get there. All that shows up is a blank page and today is the last day before my point expire. Help!

  10. Get MORE Coke Rewards here!!!

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