Wow, I really piss people off, sometimes, 2nd Edition

I’ve been wading through a lot of back and forth myspace messages over selling my Wii the past few days, so I was surfing through my inbox when I saw an email simply stating: It’s Mike Bongo.  Normally that message would be deleted along with all the other “why do you look so familiar” spam messages, unopened and unappreciated.  But for some reason, perhaps the senders name Pete Zaria made me curious.  Oh Pizzeria, you pinnacle of humor.


I am using my friends profile to send you this message because my profile was hacked.

I’m sure it was hacked by nefarious computer nerds trying to keep you down in your struggle for Comedy Supremacy, that or your superior intellect was grabbing another carbohydrate when you kept putting your login info on Phish page after Phish page.

I want to know why the FUCK you were talking shit about me on the WYSP message board? What is your problem with me? You have something nasty to say about me for no reason? I don’t appreciate this bullshit, man.

My problem is with you running around calling yourself a comedian.  My problem is with you having Michaela call up and crowbar your name into conversations as if you’re anyone.  You might be very funny (I’ve never seen you perform, nor have very many people), I even offered you advice when you were thinking of getting into it.  Then you popped up a few months later with 2 or 3 shows under your belt and started telling me HOW IT IS.  I don’t care what you appreciate.

You tried the same shit with Mayo one time, and then he SMOKED your gay ass in the face off.

I learned my lesson with the Mayo situation, you obviously learned this “lesson” from MAYO. Fuck, at least Mayo appears in search engines.  Unfortunately for you,  I’m no longer offering shitty unknowns the opportunity to add one bit of recognition to their name by ‘beefing with me’.  Although I know how much you like beef.  You won’t be getting any airtime over being angry at me.  You’ll have to do open mics and Mayo shows for a few more years. 

I’ll chalenge your corney ass any day of the week in a comedy face off because I am one of the funniest comedians of all time in Philly. You want a challenge, punk? Name the time, and place, and I’ll be there.

Of course you’ll be there when I name the time and place, it’s not like you’ll be busy performing elsewhere.

What a big pussy you are by talking behind my back  on the Kidd Chris WYSP message board. Well son, you have your self a fucking chalenge now. Get off of Kidd Chris’ dick, you little HOMO.

Mike “Big Fun” Borgy 

Perhaps I do have myself a “chalenge”.  Perhaps you have yourself a learning disability.  I’m sorry I have to reply to this here, I tried to find you on myspace, but I couldn’t.  Not even your hacked profile.  I put both of the names you gave me into the comedian search, but I came up with nothing. 




See?  Nothing.  Perhaps the search engine found your career after all.


~ by chrismcdevitt on December 23, 2007.

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