Making Small Chat with C-Dogg

[09:35] stonecoldcdogg: hey
[09:35] cmcdevittnj: what’s up
[09:35] stonecoldcdogg: in shock
[09:35] stonecoldcdogg: so sad that sean taylor died
[09:35] cmcdevittnj: not a redskins fan
[09:35] stonecoldcdogg: and i’m a diehard steelers fan
[09:36] cmcdevittnj: well my league doesn’t use IDPs so I didn’t care there
[09:36] cmcdevittnj: and even though he played for DC he lived in FL, and it was living in FL that got him shot
[09:36] cmcdevittnj: so I didn’t really care there
[09:36] cmcdevittnj: plus he’d been known to wave his own gun around in the past
[09:37] cmcdevittnj: so I wasn’t surprised that he got shot
[09:37] cmcdevittnj: only that he lost so much blood an awful shooter took him out
[09:37] stonecoldcdogg: it was premediated
[09:37] stonecoldcdogg: there was a break in the past week
[09:37] stonecoldcdogg: he was trying to protect his family
[09:38] cmcdevittnj: i’m talking about when he pulled a gun on a guy over some ATVs
[09:39] stonecoldcdogg: how does that have to deal with the current situation
[09:39] stonecoldcdogg: he’s been trying to be good
[09:43] cmcdevittnj: why do you come to me with your ‘current events’ bullshit all the time?
[09:44] stonecoldcdogg: what the fuck is your problem?
[09:49] cmcdevittnj: whenever something stupid happens
[09:49] cmcdevittnj: OJ gets arrested
[09:49] cmcdevittnj: or sean taylor dies
[09:49] cmcdevittnj: you message me all emotional about it
[09:49] cmcdevittnj: like i give a shit
[09:49] stonecoldcdogg: well, i’m sorry you’re a racist
[09:49] cmcdevittnj: race has nothing to do with it
[09:50] cmcdevittnj: Tim Hasselbeck could get hit by a bus for all I care
[09:50] cmcdevittnj: I’m not a third string giants fan either
[09:50] stonecoldcdogg: fine, what else do you want to talk about
[09:50] cmcdevittnj signed off 

Man, I hope if someone murders me that murder isn’t “premediated”  I don’t know why the murder would be mediated beforehand, but it seems bad.

~ by chrismcdevitt on December 6, 2007.

3 Responses to “Making Small Chat with C-Dogg”

  1. I would have expected more intelligence from someone with the screen name “stonecoldcdogg”.

  2. Awesome IM log

  3. Dude, how do you know the Dogg? I knew him in college. And that shit? Completely tame compared to the things I’ve heard him say. In person. At times, holding a stick.

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