Ripley’s Douchey or Not?

So I had to go to Blockbuster tonight to return some movies that Jess and I have had out for awhile.  I don’t owe them any money but if they’re not back by noon tomorrow I would have.  So I stand in line behind these project people that are taking forever.  This lady in an oversuit, the kind I’ve only ever seen hunters wear, will not take the clerks word for it that they don’t have Jackie Chan’s Police Story, and finally this other kid comes from the back.  He’s the same kid that sold me my Flip Videocamera the week before.

The Flip Videocamera I spent an enraging 4 hours with before I realized that the company’s website was completely full of shit when it said that there was a DOWNLOADABLE patch to make the camera work with Microsoft Vista.  Basically, I was confronted with the fact that I’d spent $170 cash on a camera that I couldn’t use with my brand new laptop.

After Jess talked me out of smashing the fucking thing, I returned it the next night.  The guy who sold it to me wasn’t there, and neither was a manager when I went back to return it.  I had to argue with the lady for some time before she scrounged up the cash to refund me.  If I had done it on a Credit Card the refund wouldn’t have been an issue; however my using comedy money almost fucked me.

Now, tonight, I swapped out Mario and Sonic go to the Olympics for Manhunt 2 (which is kinda garbage so far).  I get my usual 2 20.oz cokes, I buy a 3.99 previewed copy of Clerks 2, and I accidentally hand the guy my card which he scans then rebukes me, saying I didn’t need to give him the card (well the dude didn’t have to scan it, whatever).  He rings me up and asks me if i want a bag, I do.  He then proceeds to tell me, “You have a 30 day return on Clerks, in case it doesn’t work with Vista.”

That struck me as funny so I gave him the “laugh and point” recognition, scooped up my shit and bounced.  As the door closed, I realized, that I don’t think he meant it as good naturedly as I had ‘phoney-ily’ took it.  I also realized, why they don’t have handles on the exit doors.  So the snarky clerks don’t get fists thrown at them when what they said sinks in.  If it weren’t for the irony of having bought a film which is exactly that, I would have gone around and come back in.

As it stands, I can’t decide if he really was being douchey or was trying to let me know that he remembered me as some form of personal service.  Since he didn’t ask me if I liked the camera but hinted at me returning it I took it as douchey.  I’m not the first guy in America to return something.  I don’t know what the deal was.  It’s a big ticket item, perhaps there was a commission involved.  It’s not like he sold it to me.  I went into the store for the express purpose of buying the camera, he just rang it up.

Any Blockbuster Video employees reading this, that can confirm or deny the Commission on the side-deals sold at Blockbuster please let me know in the comments.  Also, please let me know your opinion on the whole douchey dig/ customer service comment.


~ by chrismcdevitt on December 4, 2007.

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