Anyone Want To Buy A Wii?


I bought an extra one from Amazon a few months ago when we were hunting for Jess’s Sister’s Christmas Present, and as December approaches I figured, now is the time to sell it.  I figured before I put it on Ebay, I’d offer it up to Halfninja’s readers and my myspace friends.

$500 bucks.

For that you get 1 Wii Console NEW IN BOX, 1 Wii Remote, 1 Nunchuck Controller, 1 copy of Wii Sports that came packed in with the game, 1 Wii Zapper, and 1 Copy of Link’s Crossbow Trainer which came packed in with the Zapper.  I can accept paypal very easily. 

If you are interested email me at  wii.sell [at] chris-mcdevitt [dot] com.

p.s., I realize that $500 may seem a little excessive, but I got bills to pay.  This is my 3-month crunch time where Christmas, my trip to Orlando, Valentine’s Day and Jess’s Birthday all take place roughly 1 month apart, plus sometime during that period I have to buy an engagement ring.  I need the money.

~ by chrismcdevitt on November 28, 2007.

3 Responses to “Anyone Want To Buy A Wii?”

  1. No, but how much for that super gay lamp behind you?

  2. That lamp clearly belongs to my mother, and is not for sale until we’re settling her estate.

  3. I will trade you one NES power glove for it. Straight up.

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