I really don’t care about Sean Taylor…

At all.  I’m sorry.  I just don’t.  My fantasy football league doesn’t use IDPs, so I have no reason to care.  I’m not a Redskins fan.  I’m not a resident of Washington, D.C.  Apparently neither was Sean Taylor.  Plays in D.C.?  Lives in Florida?  Gets killed in Florida and not the former murder capital of the USA?  Who honestly cares.  I feel bad for whoever he left behind, at 24, I’m sure he didn’t leave enough bread behind to carry his baby or his baby-mama in the style they were accustomed to.  It’s just amazing that a street rat like 50 cent can take 9 shots and be fine, and a big tough guy like Sean gets one in the artery and bleeds out.  Lucky shot.  Or unlucky depending which end of the barrel you’re on.

Sean Taylor

MIAMI (AP) — Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor has died from injuries sustained when he was shot in the leg, said family friend Richard Sharpstein. He was 24.

Sharpstein said he did not know exactly when Taylor died.

Taylor was shot early Monday in his home in the upper leg, damaging an artery and causing significant blood loss. Miami-Dade Police were investigating the attack.

Taylor played at the University of Miami, where he was an All-American in 2003, and was also a high school standout in the city. His father, Pedro Taylor, is the police chief of Florida City.

Taylor had a troublesome first two years in the NFL after he was drafted No. 5 overall by the Redskins in 2004, but he had mostly behaved after his daughter, Jackie, was born in May 2006.

Taylor has been fined at least seven times during his professional career for late hits and other infractions. He was also fined $25,000 for skipping a mandatory rookie symposium shortly after he was drafted.

In 2005, Taylor was accused of brandishing a gun at a man during a fight over some all-terrain vehicles that had allegedly been stolen. Last year, he reached a deal in which he pleaded no contest to two misdemeanors and was sentenced to 18 months’ probation. The pleas prompted another fine from the NFL but kept his football career intact.

I don’t mean to come off as cold, but who cares?  How many American soldiers died in Iraq today?  He wasn’t even that nice of a guy.  You live by the gun, you die by it, goes the old adage.  He was a late hitting, pistol waving douchebag.  Don’t go shoving the pedestal under him because he got capped.  I’m certainly not going to shed a tear.  The guy’s barely a celebrity.  I guess that’s why the Quiet Riot guy died too.  One more and we’ll have our trifecta of C-list death.

The most entertaining aspect of this whole thing for me, will be watching all the ‘misspellings’ of Sean Taylor (shawn taylor, shawn tayler, shwan taylor) climb up the google trend rankings all day just like last week when Kanye West didn’t make the trends list but Kayne West was #2.

~ by chrismcdevitt on November 27, 2007.

9 Responses to “I really don’t care about Sean Taylor…”

  1. You are a terrible person, and hopefully you get shot in the leg one day so you can eat your despicable words.

  2. Well, at least with Sean Taylor gone, the odds of YOU getting pistolwhipped one day by an aggressive asshole have lessened slightly.

  3. dick

  4. I agree. Who gives a shit about Sean Taylor. Just another life. His death should mean as much to an average American as an Iraqi civilian’s. In other words, NOTHING.

  5. Pistol waving douchebag? Yeah, really right on that one. He confronts a punk who stole the ATV’s he bought with earned money, the thief starts a group fight, so he pistol whips him. He could have shot the guy, but he didn’t. He reacted in the same way anyone would under the circumstances. What does he get for it? Charged with crimes. What about the guy who stole the ATV’s? No charges for theft, OR assault. On top of it all, he even sues Sean Taylor and wins his money. Where’s the Justice when all you do is confront the bastard who robbed you, and you get locked up? Where’s the “Justice” System? All of thost who keep on even TRYING to relate his record to being justifiable towards his death have obviously lived extremely sheltered lives. You have obviously never had to face injustice in your life, and have never tasted the desperation of having all odds stacked against you. Wake up you tunnel hiding rats.

  6. your just so fag that has nothing else to say…. Come out to Miami and see what we have for your gay ass…… Learn about the love for the game and how ” The U ” hold together in hard times….. Like i said your just some scrub with nothing in that head of yours…. You’ll pay for the words coming out of your f++king mouth……

  7. your just mad you didn’t make it in this world…. lol stop the hate…… and i think him and his family will be well off with the money they already have and will keeping getting from the NFL….. Look like someone has no clue about football…. And please come to Miami with your smart comments…. lol thUgs….. The U!!!!!

  8. I wasn’t aware one could be fag. Perhaps if the U of M had a higher SAT requirement to attend these comments would make sense. Higher education DOES not entail getting high and commenting on blogs, kids. I’ll allow you to go back to pluralizing words that don’t need it now. You seem to be great at that.

    Oh and for those of you playing along at home. Tony and Alex are the same person, trying to make it look as if they are LEGION. IP Addresses are traceable, fellas.

  9. Wow, a guy grows up in Miami, plays college football in Miami, and lives in Miami is stupid because he…lives in Miami? You make a lot of sense. He hears someone breaking in his house and confronts them and they get shot. Wow, what an idiot. I don’t know how I cam across this piece-of-shit website but I def won’t again. Maybe instead of giving his life to football he should have created a website to talk shit. God you’re a loser

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