Happy Thanksgiving I guess

I haven’t really updated the blog since I left work on Wednesday.  I been playing the shit out of some Medal of Honor Heroes 2 On-line.  I’m barely keeping my KILLS number a lil above my deaths.  I’m ranked about 1500th the last time I checked.

Blake got booed off the stage wednesday night in Gilbertsville, Geno killed, everyone else fell solidly in between those two.  Bob did what Bob does.

Soul Joel and I had our show at 7pm in Cherry Hill last night, it was a success we drew about 90 people so everyone was happy.  The set went well.  It was nice to see Jamie Kilstein again.  It’s all good.  Jess and I are going to do some shopping this weekend and watch Crash for one of her film classes.  Other than that I have no idea, I do know I’ll be going to bed extra early on Sunday since 6AM Monday Morning the KIDD SHOW is back, and there might be presents.  Okay, there probably won’t be presents but whatever a nigga can dream can’t he?

~ by chrismcdevitt on November 24, 2007.

One Response to “Happy Thanksgiving I guess”

  1. Nice job on Thanksgiving eve. I was pissed about Blake getting booed. He’s got some good stuff.

    Don’t know if you noticed but there was almost a fight in the back near the bar when Blake was on stage. Some dude was booing and another got up in his face telling him to stop. They were yelling for a bit until some people stepped in.

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