The Kidd Chris Show WILL Return THIS MONDAY.

WHO: The Kidd Chris Show 

WHEN:  Monday, November 26th, 2007, 6-10am



The Kidd Show is coming back this Monday morning.  Philly will be fresh off an Eagles Asswhooping when the Patriots inevitably embarass the birds in front of their Mamas, and wide awake for the first day of what is sure to be a massive assault on the City of Brotherly Love’s airwaves (and Preston and Steve).

There are rumor’s circulating that Bob Levy is the show’s new HEAD WRITER, which would mean by default I have become the show’s HEAD SPELLER.  Either way, I can’t wait.  It’s been TOO LONG.  I can’t believe I have to get up at 5:55am from now on though, ugh.

Don’t miss a minute, ain’t no brother like the K-I-D-D.


~ by chrismcdevitt on November 20, 2007.

7 Responses to “The Kidd Chris Show WILL Return THIS MONDAY.”

  1. not sure if I can post html in comments so this will either be a bunch of code or a badass countdown clock:

  2. or nothing at all, oh well

  3. hold on a second. i can’t get you to wake up 20 minutes early for me to blow you but….you’ll get up an hour later for kidd chris?

    how has my life come to this.

  4. hour earlier. i meant an hour earlier.

  5. hur fucking ray

  6. Preston and Steve don’t know what is about to hit them. When does the cream start their assualt?

  7. Are you sure this time?


    I know you are right this time, I saw the countdown.

    You STINK!

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