My Coke Rewards Program Is Over Halfway To It’s Goal of Disappointing over 12,000 Children

That’s right, as of noon today, the MyCokeRewards/Toys for Tots initiative has obtained over 1.5 million coke codes from MyCokeRewards users.  That’s over 50% of it’s 3 Million Point Goal.  These coke codes are being used to provide the titular tots with Etch-A-Sketches, Soccer Balls, and Bookbags, all of which retail from anywhere between $10.99-12.99.  Wow.

Considering that earning 235 points requires one to buy 23 12-packs and 2 2-liter bottles of Coke products, I’d say the poor kids are getting the shaft here.  How out of touch is the Coke Corporation?  Etch-A-Sketches haven’t been cool for 2 decades.  Backpacks?  There’s a present on every kid’s Christmas list!  Soccer Ball?  Can’t wait to kick that around in my 2 ft x 2 ft Tenement yard.

At 235 points per present, the 3 million point goal of the Coke Corporation will show over 11,000 needy kids that Corporate America doesn’t give a damn what they think is fun, as long as the company gets a giant tax-writeoff thanks to the generosity of its customers.  What a merry merry Christmas indeed.

I know that I for one will be purchasing my own toy to donate to “Toys For Tots“, I’m not sure what it will be yet, but you can bet that it will probably have wheels and lasers and other cool features that the youth of today will actually want to play with.  Are you with me?



~ by chrismcdevitt on November 16, 2007.

4 Responses to “My Coke Rewards Program Is Over Halfway To It’s Goal of Disappointing over 12,000 Children”

  1. Well…although you are 100% correct, I think it’s still worth donating the points if they’d just go into the garbage otherwise. If the soda’s already bought, crappy toy or not, isn’t it better than nothing at all? :/

  2. It’s better than using the points for some useless thing for myself, like a stuffed toy or a sweepstakes entry that I’d have no chance of winning. Better an uncool Etch-a-sketch than nothing under the tree.
    I’ll be buying toys for the Salvation Army Angel tree as well, so I can buy the wicked cool, super awesome gizmo that little Mikey or Suzy listed on their card. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

  3. You are a loser and don’t have anything else better to do. Obviously you don’t have any kids, not married and had a “horrible” childhood. Get Therapy A.S.A.P……….

  4. […] worth 20 points each. (double should be on 2 liter and other sizes as well). Have a coke … My Coke Rewards Program Is Over Halfway To It?s Goal of …: How out of touch is the Coke Corpor… My Coke Rewards program extended through 2008: I don’t know if this is good news or bad news, […]

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