30 Rock, The Office, and My Name Is Earl Have Not Been Cancelled

I can’t believe I have to do this two weeks in a row.  My coworker just came up to me and asked me if I’d heard that 30 Rock had been cancelled.  It seems she was listening to the same morning radio program that I was, namely the Opie and Anthony show. 

For the love of god people, it’s Make Up Stuff Tuesday; It’s Fake News Story TUESDAY.  If you hear a provocative news item on 92.3FM on a Tuesday Morning, IT’S NOT REAL.  They cite the Drudge Report as their source, but if you would bother to check the drudge report before running to the water cooler, you’d see it’s not real.

They said that Jason Lee was a writer on My Name is Earl, that should have been your first clue.  He’s a producer of the show, but nowhere on the IMDB.com is he listed as a Writer of My Name is Earl.

While the shows may face being temporarily shut down due to the strike once their already written episodes are spent, they will return.  They’re worth too much money to NBC to cancel them outright.

Also I really shouldn’t have to add this, but I will, THE SUN’S NOT BURNING OUT ANYTIME SOON EITHER.

Please, please please DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU HEAR. Especially when you hear it on a Morning Comedy Program.

Don’t make me do this next week.



~ by chrismcdevitt on November 13, 2007.

17 Responses to “30 Rock, The Office, and My Name Is Earl Have Not Been Cancelled”

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  2. Way to be a bit ruiner. Spoil everybody’s fun why don’t ya?

  3. Ha! I listened to Opie and Anthony for the first time ever this morning and had no idea that was the schtick for Tuesdays.
    I am a little embarassed to say that I fell hook-line-and-sinker for the bit- until the got to the NBC part- my thoughts went “So, the sun’s burning out.. huh.. well I guess we can always go to geoth- WAIT -HUH?! NBC cancels “The Office?” That’s PREPOSTEROUS!”

    That will teach me to stray from the NPR station when my reception gets spotty.

  4. Jason Lee got fired for taking a Performance Enhancing Drug is true though.

    lingrrrrrr longrrrrrrrr

  5. Linger longer.

  6. Why don’t you just relax and let a real website report the news, not your silly little blog that makes you feel important.

  7. A silly little blog you felt compelled to post on Mr.Wickedballs.

    You relax, Mr. Wickedballs.

    Perhaps one day, I’ll be as self assured as you are, Mr. Wickedballs.

  8. “Don’t make me do this next week.”

    Don’t make you do this? Are you kidding? Who’s making you do anything? Get the hell off your pedestal you self-important douchebag.

  9. Well, now you’re making me do this. If it makes you this angry, I must be on to something. Say, sugar, did you know you’re still obese when you’re angry? But it’s a sexy kind of obese.

  10. Obese? lol. You really are clueless handsome.

    Pests, go for it…

  11. Oh, no, Jill! Don’t drive MORE people to my ‘silly little blog that makes me feel important’. PLEASE DON’T.

  12. WhaT woUld wE alL dO wiThout haLfninJa’s bloG? I aPPlauD yOu foR hElping uS diSseminate inFormatioN. tHis iS tHe fIrst plaCe i gO wHen i aM All cOnfuseD liKe yoUr STUPID cowoRkers, thanK goD fOr smaRt bit ruiners liKe yOu! i Will Be suRe tO coMe bAck neXt TUESDAY wHen i aM ALL coNfused anD dOn’t kNow wHat to thInk. Raaamooone, trash this self-important, over CAPITAL LETTER using douchbag’s stupid blog.

  13. Please go back to your newly formed and entirely unnecessary O&A board.

    I guess Wackbag and FBA aren’t enough for everyone anymore.

  14. Thanks halfninja for bringing everyone back to reality. Personally, I could live without O&A, but to each his/her own.

  15. I’ve never heard Oppie and Anthony, but it seems to be pretty lame

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  16. Some of these shows’ named DID make it to the news’ sites and some news aggregators like on yahoo news. Not that I care…once Will and Grace wrapped up forever, I was DONE with NBC and moved on to the CW and dvd reruns of my fave shows.

  17. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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