GI Joe Mania

This is my GI Joe bit.  It’s short, but I like it.  I figured it fit in with today’s general theme of GI Joeyness.


Free Pattern: GI Joe Pants « Keeping Me In Stitches

The above blog post makes me glad of two things, one, I played with the 4″ GI Joes and not the monster 12″ ones that became popular the year I stopped playing with action figures.  The second thing I’m glad about is that we were never poor enough to the point where my mom had to make my doll clothes, especially knit ones.  I hope this kid’s GI Joe gets a wedgie from Cobra Commander.


I think if I were a G.I. Joe, I’d be Split Stream, the G.I. Joe who constantly gets piss on his pants because his urine shoots out in two separate streams.  The front of his fatigue pants are always wet, and he’s armed with a blow dryer and a Shame Whistle.  I don’t know what a Shame Whistle is but it sounds like it would be pretty cool to have one.  I seem to remember an offer on the back of a comic book that you could get a GI Joe of yourself.  You’d send them your info and they’d send you a generic GI with the “Profile” of whatever info you’d provided.

But I can’t seem to find proof of this online.  Can anyone help me out?


~ by chrismcdevitt on November 7, 2007.

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