Tom Brady is NOT being Suspended

For those of you who listen to the Opie and Anthony show, or came across it this morning, or have heard in your office from some guy who listened, Tom Brady is NOT being suspended.  This ‘rumor’ is a bit to them.  I’m sure many of their listeners have seen through it, but casual passerbys will probably be shocked and possibly irked to learn that Tom Brady is NOT being suspended as reported on the Opie and Anthony show.

You shouldn’t believe everything you hear, especially, when it’s on a morning radio talk-comedy program.

If I had to guess, I’d say that the Boys over at XM/CBS simply doctored up the reported copy on Marcus Stroud of the Jacksonville Jaguars in order to make the ‘limited report’ sound official.  Rest assured, you’ll still be witnessing Tom Brady’s domination come week 11.  Fantasy owners of Tom Brady there is NO reason to hang yourselves.  It’s just radio, it will all be okay.

Here’s the Marcus Stroud blurb from earlier in the week:

Defensive tackle Marcus Stroud will be suspended for four games for violating the NFL’s steroids and related substances policy, according to the Florida Times-Union. Stroud’s ‘Asample tested positive last week, according to the Times-Union, and he exercised his right to have his ‘Bsample tested on Monday.

You can digg this story here.


~ by chrismcdevitt on November 6, 2007.

23 Responses to “Tom Brady is NOT being Suspended”

  1. We have heard the same story here:

    Tom Brady suspended ?

  2. Actually, it IS true. Go to for full details. That’s the site I get all my new from. Blows Drudge Report out of the water

  3. Opie and Anthony? God, those guys sucked back when they were on the air in Worcester.

  4. Jim, you may have just turned this comments section into a warzone.

  5. O&A Rule the air wave, an let me tell you this, i May have been fooled by this hoax, but that is what makes it so great. Sure i may feel like an ass for telling everybody in the office about it, and now i have to tell them it was fake, but that is WYSP’s fault for taking O&A of the air in Philly. Fuck WYSP, i will just continue to listen to O&A through listen live stream.

  6. hey Jim,
    Why don’t you flush your terrestrial radio down the toilet and fuck your mother?

    Steve From Yellowstone

  7. I knew he wasn’t suspended, but I don’t get Oppie and Anthony here anyways haha

  8. There is zero veracity in many of the so called talk radio shows. It is truly sad when someone like a Tom Brady even has to spend 1 second defending himself. It goes to show you why Howard Stern is listened to at a much higher rate, at least he is honest.

  9. Stern is listened to at a higher rate??? No thats a story for “make stuff up tuesday”. Add O&A’s terrestrial listeners and the XM listeners and they kill ol denture mouth Howie.

  10. Opie and Anthony are asshole, Howard Stern, wanna be’s.
    The Sultan on Sports

  11. Stern, Opie, Anthony, and their moms all suck.

  12. You sure looked coked up in that last post. maybe it affected your judgement, tom brady is being suspended from ski school.

  13. I think this is CRAZY!

    Slumber Parties By Staci

  14. looks to me like someones starting some shit, my guess is this started with ..hmmmmmmmm peyton manning??…. sorry guys, no astrix when they go 19-0

  15. oh ya, ……Opie, and Anthony make a good argument for birth control being retro-active

  16. oh nos tom brady is suspended! i have to tell everyone i know!

    good thing its povember

  17. […] Tom Brady is NOT being SuspendedFor those of you who listen to the Opie and Anthony show, or came across it this morning, or have heard in your office from some guy who listened, Tom Brady is NOT being suspended. This ‘rumor’ is a bit to them. … […]

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