Coke Stats

As of the morning of Monday, November 5th, I have entered 6198 points worth of My Coke Rewards codes into the system.  I’ve redeemed my points for 3 Wii Games, 8 Drinking Glasses, 3 T-Shirts, and 1 Sweet Hoodie.  As many of you know I initially started out in pursuit of the 6250 point Nintendo Wii.  I theorized that by entering the max per day I could achieve the Wii with about 29 days leeway between the end of the year and the day I’d be able to redeem the points.

Sadly, the Nintendo Wiis did not stay in stock long enough for me to actually win one, I did (or rather will) however reach my goal of 6250 plus.  I thank everyone who helped me out with a code here, or a code there.  Big Ups go out to my girlfriend Jess, my mother MamaNinja, and my college friends: Cheryl Costea and Albert Calise who all gave me about 200 points each respectively.

We did it.  From a bullshit blog posting to an actual reality.  I’ll have entered the required 6250 by tomorrow afternoon, and I’m done “earning” anything.  There isn’t shit left on that My Coke Rewards website that warrants my attention.  Instead, I’ll be donating the rest of the points that I raise this year to Toys for Tots.  So that underpriveleged (ewww!) children can get Etch-a-Sketches, Soccer balls, and bookbags and shit.

 I know that seems kinda silly, but that’s really what the Coke corporation is proposing as a quality gift this year.  I can’t think of a single child born after the Reagan administration that has had a good time with an etch-a-sketch.  Sure there are those ‘savants’ every once in a while who can really do a lot with them, and sell them as art, until there’s an earthquake and then their ‘artwork’ ain’t worth shit, but really.  This is a digital age, who wants an Etch-A-Sketch for Christmas?  I’d rather get diddled by my Uncle dressed like Santa than get that two-knobbed-no-fun toy.

That’s not even the lamest present they’re offering, a backpack?  Seriously?  It’s December 25th, the kids have been in school since Late August/Early September, what have they been carrying their shit in since then?  They’re underprivleged, do they even have any shit to carry?  Here you go little poor kid, a bag to carry your shit in, when you get some shit.  Hey, maybe next year, someone will donate some shit that we can give you to put in the bag we gave you this year.  Whaddya say?

And soccer balls?  Really?  This is the third option?  America’s pastime is Baseball.  America’s Passion is Football, but we’re going to give the kids soccer balls, you know why?  Because we have to give the foreign kids something.  I really can’t believe these are the three toys.  Now I’ll be donating the points because being charitable makes me feel good, but let’s just hope this post, or posts like it, can open the Coke Corporations eyes and maybe make them pony up for some real toys.  They don’t have to give the little projects-dwellers Wiis, but how about something a little more substantive, a little more 2007 than an Etch-A-Sketch?

Whose with me?


~ by chrismcdevitt on November 5, 2007.

10 Responses to “Coke Stats”

  1. Etch a Sketches are lame!

  2. Soccer is the largest sport for American youths. Has been for a while. Kids grow out of it though in their teens and move on to the more popular American sports.

  3. maybe I’m reading this differently, but the copy on the page says “like etch-a-sketch, soccer balls and backpacks” and the giftes are cited as examples. I’m sure any gifts donated have been agreed upon by both parties and not just random gifts selected by Coke.

  4. And I’m sure we can agree that etch-a-sketches, soccer balls, and backpacks are LAME.

  5. I guess if you are accustomed to a life of privilege then they could be considered lame, if you aren’t, then maybe they aren’t so bad.

  6. I grew up poor. An etch-a-sketch was lame in 1987. I for one will be donating a real toy to Toys-For-Tots. I don’t know about you.

  7. Privelaged or not, nobody wants an etch-a-sketch anymore. I could give my cousins an etch-a-sketch for 11 dollars (the coke company is offerring an 11 dollar gift…with their millions) or color doodle pro for six dollars more. Which do you think is cooler?

  8. Once again the masses are duped by big business to drink unhealthy portions of poison and think they are doing some poor children… B.S. they are creating another Generation of liquid COKE junkies. Remember their motto “PROFIT OVER THE PEOPLE”.

  9. Just an FYI – although the Rewards Program ends Dec 2007, Coke will probably extend it. That’s what they did last year and – now that they put points on more products – I bet they do it again. After they extend the deadline, they “restock” the store. So your Wii might be back after January.

    As for Etch-a-sketch, it is very lame. Soccer balls are okay. Backbacks aren’t toys so I have a problem with that but the charities in my area give alot of them to poor kids. The foster kids use them as suitcases.

  10. What’s the deal? For a couple of weeks I have been attempting to enter additional cartons of coke rewards. No luck at all. It keeps telling me to sign in or register. I attempt that and I get the same thing back again. Also, my screen is only 17″ and the site must take a much larger screen. I suppose I have lost all the points I have built up. It doesn’t remember my e-mail address. It’s just a screwed up deal. I’m still waiting for three of my redemptions since January.

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