Trick or Suite

Somehow, I ended up on a ‘community involvement committee’ at work.  They were doing this thing at a local hotel called Trick or Suite.  Area company’s each get their own hotel room to decorate in a Halloween Fashion and then about 300 children with mental and physical disabilities, cancer, and “underprivelegedeness” are carted in and let loose.

My original pitch was for a Superhero themed room.  We’d make it look like Metropolis with a few $5 backdrops from Party City and dress up like the Hall of Justice.  It would have cost about $600 bucks.  We were given half that.  So Cheap Ass Pumpkin Patch it was. The other people on  the committee did an awesome job putting the room together and the wooden pumpkins for photos and whatnot, I just took the picture.  I’m an idea man, I’m awful putting things into practice.  (Just ask the guy who has been waiting a year, so that he can animate my damn cartoon).

Anyway, here it is.  $300 dollars and some phony smiles later.


~ by chrismcdevitt on October 30, 2007.

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