Halfninja Slump

I realize that I haven’t been updating halfninja.com as much as I once did.  That’s because I hit another slump.  Not a depression, it’s not dangerous.  I’m just not doing much of anything.  I do the Chris McDevitt Show, I go home after work and play the Wii, and I do comedy on the weekends.  If I remember to take the camera I leave it in the car.

Right now, I’m sitting at work, counting down until 5pm.  I just don’t want to be here anymore.  Work sucks.  I guess I can go over to digg.com or fark.com and find something to talk about on tonight’s show.  More likely though, we’ll just end up bitching about comedy.

Quitting smoking sucks.  Granted, for the money I spent on cigarettes I can now buy 34 Wii games a year, but it’s the extra time I have now that’s awful.  Cigarettes stopped taking minutes off my life and started jamming them back in at the worst times.  I barely leave my desk during the day now.  Most days see me eating a ‘sangwich’ at my desk.  Awful.

Tune in tonight to the Chris McDevitt show, on hearnewbrunswick.com, maybe something will happen.


~ by chrismcdevitt on October 22, 2007.

3 Responses to “Halfninja Slump”

  1. […] I’ve put a link to this article here […]

  2. I’m about to quit smoking in a week and you’re not a very good advertisement for it.

  3. You told me you stopped doing the show dummy.

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