Urkel Kicked Out of NYC Restaurant

An NYC Lesbian was thrown out of a restaurant for using the ladies room by a male bouncer.  Umm, WTF?  Granted,  she looks a little like a chunky Urkel, but she had a State Issued ID identifying her as female that the Bouncer refused to even look at before bouncing her and her party right out the door.  I hope she sues the shit out of this place.  Normally, I’m against litigation but come on, you don’t interrupt somebody’s deuce.

 You have to be more offended at a male bouncer kicking a lady out of a ladies room than a lady who looks like a bouncer using the ladies room.  Who even reported her?  Isn’t it all stalls in there?  It’s not like you have urinals.  Shit half the bathrooms in NYC are unisex anyway.

The best part of the whole story for me was that the black lesbian’s lover is a fat white chick.  Ah, stereotypes I can be comfortable with.


~ by chrismcdevitt on October 12, 2007.

One Response to “Urkel Kicked Out of NYC Restaurant”

  1. Wow.

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