Mustache Fun…

Believe it or not, Jess actually hated this bad ass mustache.  Sure it had about as much substance as that of a 15 year old Puerto Rican boy’s facial hair, but I felt that it added an air of dignity just not present in my everyday appeal. Sadly, the mustache only lasted a scant 18 hours.  You will be missed mustache.  BTW, there’s additional mustache fun after the break. 


“But I want to look like Waluigi for HALLOWEEN!”

“Babe, there’s a huge difference between appearing retarded and actually being retarded.”

“Clearly, my mustache pleas are going to fall on deaf ears here.”

R.I.P. Mustache.

You might remember another facial hair fiasco a few months back on, for your LoLs I’ve linked it here.

 And you might remember another wonderful adventure in facial hair that could be had when I first started this blog

~ by chrismcdevitt on October 5, 2007.

One Response to “Mustache Fun…”

  1. This looks ridiculous. I’m about to shave my peach fuzz because of this.

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