Wow, I really piss people off, sometimes.

Here’s an email sent to me earlier tonight.  Normally, I’d respect the privacy of the person sending such a diatribe, but he CC’ed four people on it, so I feel perfectly justified in leaving it here for the thousand daily readers of, enjoy:

ok. that’ll be my breaking point.
this one is just for you chris.
im not exactly sure what “getting a little ahead of ourselves” means. we’re trying to get on the same page regarding some of the shows we’d like to do in the future. maybe you should impart some of your “godfatherly wisdom” upon us. or at least make a statement in an email that makes sense and not just some generalized condescension towards us.
while i can’t speak for pat, tony or joel, i’ve had it with your fucking attitude. i’m sure that doesn’t bother such a substantial force in the business like you, but i do know that i’m no longer going to suppress my urge to say something when you tell us that a discussion about the show and future shows would “drive you insane.”
is our tiny little attempt at putting on some shows beneath you, chris? well, until such time as we are “discovered” by the comedy diamond miner bob levy, or get the opportunity to tank on the opie and anthony show, we’ll just have to make the best of the potential assets that are available.
i’m not sure where you got the impression that you were so beyond us as a comedian, but i don’t think i’ve met anyone with a larger disconnect between ego and accomplishment than you.
your sanity is safe, chris, because as far as im concerned i dont want you on anymore of the shows if and when they happen. and if you are, i’ll have to seriously reconsider my own participation. to the rest of you, i’m sorry if this makes things complicated, but i no longer intend to do shows in an environment where i’m made to feel as though i’m reaching up to touch the finger of the comedy god.
in the meantime, mcdevitt, you can take your bullshit and shove it up your ass. in fact, make it a dead baby’s ass. you can use that one if you want.
you love to dish it out, so here’s your opportunity to take it.    

if i’m over reacting, please let me know or review your email and explain what it is you meant. otherwise, fuck youself.
and it’s “you’re,” dipshit, not “your.”
ok, my heart’s content.

I think we can all agree that the moment you attack someone’s usage of YOUR/YOU’RE on the internet, you’ve already lost the argument.  If you’re wondering who this guy is, you can find his myspace here.


~ by chrismcdevitt on October 2, 2007.

7 Responses to “Wow, I really piss people off, sometimes.”

  1. well, there are 2 sides to every story. what horrible thing did you do to this guy to piss him off?

  2. This was the email that set him off:
    Sundays are usually reserved for “My Girlfriend” and I. And to be honest “discussing” these upcoming road shows (i’ve heard of 1), I think you’re getting a little ahead of yourselves. Perhaps your not, either way, such a discussion would probably drive me insane. You guys can discuss til your hearts content, I’ll just say yes or no, after you’re done discussing.

  3. thanks for the props, but the you/you’re was just for flare.

    and yes, you are excellent at pushing buttons.

    i’ll update my myspace page so it looks better when i get abused.

  4. I never heard of this guy but he should get a nose job and have a big piece of jew shaved off.

  5. Boy am I sorry I sent that first email…

    Chris – you’re just like famed Internet blogger Perez Hilton, except…
    No, I guess exactly like him.

    Alright – cool site, enjoying the verbal joust – looks like you got your Monday topic.

  6. Wow. Bernardi needs to calm down a little bit.

  7. Did a guy who didn’t bother to capitalize a single letter in an entire email really correct your grammar?

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