Waiting to Inhale, Chantix Day Whatever…

Things ain’t so bad.  I don’t really miss smoking.  Except when I’m killing time.  Like now.  I’m waiting for Jess to get out of the shower, then my computer time is over.  We’ve got a show tonight in Atlantic City at the House of Blues, and we’ve got to leave here around 4pm.  To get there at 7pm.  To watch Bob Levy drink for two hours.  I won’t be drinking.  As I covered in the “drinking while taking Chantix makes you insane” blog.  To top that off, I found out a few hours ago, that I’m supposed to work clean tonight, or at least ‘College clean’, whatever that means.

I’m not really sure why someone would attend a double bill of Otto & George and Rev. Bob Levy and expect a clean opener, but hey, I don’t write the checks now do I?  That wasn’t a rhetorical question, but for those of you who thought it was, the answer is I definitively DON’T write the checks.

Clean material.  Such a misnomer when it comes to my act.  I’m not a dirty guy.  I don’t have to say fuck, but people still get uncomfortable about abortion, date rape, racism, etc etc.  It’s the subject matter, the premises, that wound people’s spirits not the four-letter-words.

So I’ll be unveiling my “interracial relationships” stuff tonight as well as a few other Notebook items.  They want clean?  I won’t say shit once.


~ by chrismcdevitt on September 22, 2007.

One Response to “Waiting to Inhale, Chantix Day Whatever…”

  1. I tried to smoke last last last night. I didn’t like it ay all. It smells like a mild, very mild, marijuana.

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