Chantix Day 16: Not that bad.

Well it’s been 9 days since my quit date, give or take, and I’ve had 1 cigarette.  Actually only 7 puffs of 1 cigarette, and let me tell you it tasted like shit.  The only reason I smoked at all is because I forgot to take the pill in the morning and by 3pm I had worn down a bit.  My mind is still convinced it needs cigarettes to survive, and I like to make my mind happy, so I gave it a shot.  Air ball.  The cigarette sucked, I haven’t had one since.  I have read quite a bit about Chantix in the news lately, thanks to some keyboardist from some band featuring some chick that married Paul Simon or something some amount of years ago, who got shot by a crazy ass Texan because he mixed Chantix and Alcohol.

All I can say is Chantix is not going to kill me.  1) I haven’t been drinking since I started the medication (I’ve had one beer in all of September) and 2) I don’t live in Texas where it’s apparently legal to fire a “warning shot” through your front door (not the doorway but the actual door) and hit the person on your porch in the head with your “warning shot”.  I honestly don’t know how a responsible media can even ask if “Chantix” had something to do with his death.  That’s like blaming Aspirin because a dude had a headache and went to a store that was going to be robbed.  You can read the entire bullshit story below.

“Waaa! Chantix must be killing Rockstars, it couldn’t possibly Alcoholism and Entirely Too Loose Gun Laws! WAAA!”


~ by chrismcdevitt on September 20, 2007.

6 Responses to “Chantix Day 16: Not that bad.”

  1. I’m glad someone has some common damn sense. Congrats on 9 days. It just gets easier; at least it did for me. (20 days quit.)

  2. Congrats on Day 9+.

    Also, in most states (not the oppressive state of NJ that is more friendly to criminals than gun owners), if a belligerent drunk who beat his girlfriend is repeatedly tries to kick your door in despite your warnings, you don’t even need to fire a warning shot before putting him down. It’s called the Castle Doctrine. No duty to retreat, only the right to defend yourself, your home, and your family.

    That being said, the media just wants a story. Surprising though, they usually would blame the guns…but I guess meds are a better story nowadays.

  3. I hope all is going well with the Chantix, I see you haven’t posted since Sept 9th …

    In the meantime, this is my 6th week and so far so good – it really seems to work. Now I might light up 2/3 times in 2/3 days (habit) but like you mentioned, you really lose the taste and you just throw it down because of the bad taste (amazing) … my only bitch with it, is the “changes in dreaming”, it has a tendency to screw with your sleep.

    But I would rather lose a few hours of sleep and hopefully regain 10 more years of my life back.

  4. bababooey bababooey bababooey

  5. Hi webmaster!

  6. i hope to god your right with me. i am 16 and i have been smoking for a couple years. i think after my first month ill quit the medicine cause i dont want to spend 110 dollars on shit like that. its my 4th day and i havent experienced any symptoms not even wierd dreams. But i will be depressed over the next few days though because a girl that i like will be gone for 3 more days but good news i get to go to a party for 4th of july tomorrow at my uncles house. i heard that chantix has bad side affects but im not experiencing any yet.

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