Going to See Chris Rock tomorrow night…

I got an email today from the Stress Factory saying that Chris Rock was doing a last minute show (2 shows actually) in New Brunswick, tomorrow night, Thursday the 20th.  Even better tickets are only 30 dollars.  I totally paid $42 for Dice back in 2004 and he was nowhere near as funny as Chris Rock is.  Granted Dice didn’t put out “I Think I Love My Wife”  but “Brainsmasher” was no “Braveheart” either.

If you can still get tickets by all means call 732-545-HAHA.  They’ve been on sale for about 9 hours now, don’t know if there are any left or not.  I got my own ticket and I’m meeting up with a party of 11 there.  Not to mention whoever else shows up.  It’s definitely going to be THE hot ticket in New Brunswick tomorrow.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get a picture with him for Halfninja.  At least I’ll get some pictures OF him if that proves an impossibility.

And don’t go making fun of me for geeking out about this.  I’m buying a ticket like everybody else.  I’m not performing on the show and I’m not anyone’s guest.  Let me enjoy myself as a fan for one night.


~ by chrismcdevitt on September 19, 2007.

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