The State of the Kidd Chris Show (For Bob)

First off, let me clarify this entry is for Bob the halfninja reader who requested in it the comments of my last post, not Bob Levy, comedian and mentor.  It’s been a weird few days concerning the Kidd chris show and WYSP in general.  Lots of internal shakeup.  I first heard about it when Duffy called me on my cellphone while I was on vacation in Florida.  He said that Kidd Chris had been playing music ever since a Big Announcement at 5pm.  I figured it was a goof.  It wasn’t.

When I got home I found out that Barsky, Kim Douglas, Matt, Huggy, Scottie, Alex, Monkeyboy and Brad Maybe were all gone. Let go.  It wasn’t good news.  Well it kinda was, in that I never liked Scottie and Alex’s show, but I felt insanely bad to hear about the rest.  If Monkeyboy needs some clean piss for a job interview he knows where to come.  There’s tons of rumors at this point, and some inside info, but nobody knows it all and nobody really knows what they can say.  I certainly don’t know what I can publish here in this format.

So I’ll only re-iterate what seems to have already made it out to the public.  I say that because it was in an email that I received, Jess received, and that I’ve already seen reposted on a couple of message boards.  Here is an email that I got from Skidmark earlier in the day. 

This is all that I can tell you:

I talked to Chris over the weekend and he said that the show will be back in full form in 90 days. The music has to be played to help enforce that “the rock is back” on 94WYSP.

just an update,


I hope that helps.  Basically O&A are still the morning show, then “the rock” is back all afternoon.  Kidd Chris picks up where “the rock” left off and brings you something like 10-12 songs an hour until “the rock” relieves him from duty and “rocks” on until O&A come back at 6am the next day.

Did I mention “the rock” is back?

Not him, the other “the rock”. That’s “the rock” that’s back.


~ by chrismcdevitt on September 17, 2007.

12 Responses to “The State of the Kidd Chris Show (For Bob)”

  1. Naa na naa na naaaa McDevitt!!!

  2. I believe it’s “ba da ba ba baaa”, but anyway…

    Sad state of affairs at YSP. I also could never stand Scotty and Alex but feel bad for anyone in this business who gets canned the way that they and others did. It’s unfortunate that the majority of people can only handle hearing mediocre music and therefore influence format changes to suit them in an effort to boost ratings and profits.

  3. This sucks for everyone…except Scotty and Alex of course.

  4. This is bull. I’ve only been listening to the Kidd Chris Show since like January this year and now CBS is screwing everything up…again…. I mean, Matt & Huggy, The Barsky Show, hell, even Scotty & Alex… This is the glue that holds the damn station together! Now they’re getting rid of that?! WTF?! It wasn’t just the content of the shows but the way they all interacted with each other. Good work CBS! I hope you die like a puppy in a vat of acid. KC always said what a bunch of shady back-stabbing bastards CBS is and now, as far as I’m concerned, WYSP is DEAD. He was right. He warned us, he warned us all. You want more ratings CBS? Way to go! Get rid of the very thing that made your damn station worth anything! I hope the station goes under and the talent that is left has a decent company snatch them up. Fuck knows they deserve it. What does CBS stand for anyway? Constant Bull S***?!I hope CBS have now created a vacuum that will suck the guts out of the new format. As the very thing, in my opinion, that made Free FM/WYSP Talks worth listening to is now gone. One less listener CBS. I seriously think they have slit their own throat doing this. And you know what? GOOD! Maybe something will rise from the ashes…

  5. Is anyone gonna do the podcast downloads of the show anymore…that is the only way i really get to hear it….needless to say then, i didnt hear the last episode where everything just shut off…if anyone has this, please let me know…i even want when kidd was on o and a…not that i like o and a, but id like to hear chris on it….tommy

  6. kidd should host 6am-10am,fuck O&A they wanted to go to satilite so go then,There just here cause the money at XM isnt that good and was offerd a boat load to fill the shoes of stern(Radio God).
    Kidd Chriss is the next Howard Stern,he’s the best ,Except for his inter view w/ LARRS From Metalica,agh It was an ass kissing fest,No tough questions or any jabs,just ass kiss after ass kiss.
    So i called him out on it on his myspace page and he bumped me off his list,Truely a pussy,A Radio God,but he fold when he interview LARSSthe douche Bag…

  7. Hey chris, how about a fucking update douche bag?

  8. Oh so I go to turn on my radio friday morning and no O&A,???I know in my last message I said fuck O&A,but there beter then Preston and steve,but now I dont even get them wat the fuck YSP,the rock sucks,EVERYONE KNOWS THE BEST ROCK STAION DIED 2 YEARS AO…THATS RIGHT Y 100,Fuck manditory Metalica, and LARRS “Douche Bag” Oriche or what ever his fucking name is,And Kidd wheres the info about the shows status???the fans make the show,so tell us something, Or is SLAMMER C still trying to fit in his tights…

  9. SO what is going on now? I listen as often as I can, depends on who is working. Now I get YSP on and no Kidd Chris for like days now. Is he gone? Is he coming back? Anyone know?

  10. This sucks

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