By the way…

While I was in Disney World Shia LeBeouf announced the name of the next Indiana Jones movie.  Our tour guide tipped us to it on Monday afternoon, course I haven’t posted it here until now, but here goes.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Shitty title, no?  There were other choices that Lucasfilm also registered, most were just as bad.  In August, it was discovered that Lucasfilm had registered five other names for the upcoming film: “Indiana Jones and the City of Gods,” “Indiana Jones and the Destroyer of Worlds,” “Indiana Jones and the Fourth Corner of the Earth,” “Indiana Jones and the Lost City of Gold,” and “Indiana Jones and the Quest for the Covenant.”

I just hope the movie is as good as its predecessors.  Remember how Lucas was going to “BLOW US AWAY” with Episodes 1-3?  I hope they’re not pissing on the grave of another franchise.  Lucasfilm Ltd has shit on my childhood enough.


~ by chrismcdevitt on September 15, 2007.

One Response to “By the way…”

  1. so you were the one guy who cared about that announcement?

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